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Address Prins Willem Alexanderhof 5
 2595 BE Den Haag
E-Mail: biblionef@kb.nl
Internet: http: / / www.biblionef.org /
Phone: +31 (0) 70 3140565

Biblionef puts new children`s books at the disposal of children from 3 to 18 years in disadvantaged areas of developing countries. It has subsequently developed into a network of international aid organisations with the same aim: To provide deprived children and adolescents with new children’s books, thus stimulating their curiosity and desire to learn and laying a solid foundation of knowledge for their future.

Biblionef France was the first to be founded in 1989. All the organisations use the name Biblionef, but are legally and operationally independent. Meanwhile, apart from France, there are establishments in the Netherlands, Flanders, Surinam and South Africa. All Biblionef organisations together distribute 500,000 children`s books per year to schools, hospitals, orphanages and library projects. UNESCO, UNICEF and the Council of Europe have acknowledged Biblionef.

The success of Biblionef depends completely on gifts, donations and sponsoring of businesses, schools, funds and private individuals. The enthusiastic commitment of many volunteers makes it possible for the work to be done at low costs.

The founder of Biblionef, Max Vegelin van Claerbergen, was Dutch ambassador in Suriname in the early 1980`s. He says: “The idea behind Biblionef arose when I met children who were living in the slums of dirty towns or isolated in huts deep down in the jungle. These children want to live and they want to read. They lack practically everything ... and especially books. Through this confrontation a dream was born.“ In total all the Biblionef organisations have to date distributed 3.5 million children`s books to schools, hospitals, orphanages and library projects.