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Bookstart in Japan

Bookstart aims to create opportunities for parents and babies to spend happy times together by allowing them to experience the joy of sharing books and providing them a free pack of books. The opportunities are made by the partnership of people and relevant local organizations, such as library services, health centres, family support centres and local volunteers, during baby health checks at local health centres when all the babies born in a particular area gather together. The pack normally contains two baby books, an advice booklet for parents, a library application card, local information such as a library booklist and useful information on raising children and a bib. All are put in a cotton bag with a sea otter logo on the front.
Bookstart Japan is not an early education. It is built on the idea that it is very important for a baby to experience the joy of being together with and hearing the voice of someone who loves him/her most. The parents receive their Bookstart pack at a baby`s health check site that has easy access for every family. Bookstart Japan is a partnership project which is delivered through a multi-agency, public/private partnership.

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