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Storygrannies in Estonia

Storygrannies is a project aimed at the involvement of grandparents in the activities of nursery schools. The project will be launched together with the Grandparents’ Society and day centres for retired people and will comprise joint activities and events involving grandparents (not necessarily biological grandparents of children) and children of pre-school age on a regular basis. The retired people read, tell stories and carry out educational activities.

Goals of the project:

1. to engage with the experience and skills of the older generation for the purpose of developing children

2. to increase the quality of life of the elderly by offering them opportunities for communication and activities

3. to diversify activities in nursery schools

4. to foster closer contacts between nursery schools and community.

Target Group:Infants;  
Internet:http: / / www.lugemisyhing.ee / EstRA_projektid.htm

Institution:    Estnische Lesestiftung / Estonian Reading Association