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Study on media preferences of Germans, Austrians and the German speaking Swiss population

In March 2009, the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GfK Group, consumer research) interviewed a total number of 729 Germans, 500 Austrians and 504 German speaking Swiss citizens in an online survey regarding the significance they attribute to media in general, and books in particular. This study was commissioned by leading umbrella organisations of publishing houses (Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, Hauptverband des

Österreichischen Buchhandels and Schweizer Buchhändler- und Verleger-


According to this survey, German citizens on average spend 11 hours a day using media, the Austrians 11.2 hours and in Switzerland, the average media consumption is 9.8 hours a day. The largest proportion of media consumption is attributed to watching television (32 %, succeeded by use of the internet and radio (28 %), 5 % of media use relate to the daily newspaper and 4 % to reading books. The interviewees were least willing to give up the internet (31 %) and the television (25 %). 17 of the persons responding to the survey were least willing to do without books. As far as the number of books consumed throughout the year is concerned, Austria ranks first with an average of 11.2 books, with Germany following suit with 8.9 books

The Swiss citizens consume an average of 8.0 books per year.

Target Group:Children; Youth; Adults;  
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