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Trend Tracking Kids 2009: High Interest Topics for Kids and Youth in Germany

In Spring 2009, the icon kids und youth international research GmbH conducted a study on current trends with kids and youths.

Between early March and early April 2009

1,468 children and youth aged 6 to 19 years were interviewed,

revealing large differences between boys and girls as welll as the age groups.

The data assessed television trends, high interest topics, the most popular persons, leisure time activities, internet and media use and reading habits.
The results show that all media are frequently used and the use of classical media has so far not been relinquished., The most frequent types of media use are watching TV and listening to music, succeeded by internet and radio use.

Only slight differences could be discerned when comparing the reading habits with last year’s study. 8 percent of the interviewed youths read books every day or nearly every day, 28 % do so once or several times a week. Consumption of books is rated highest for the age group of 10- to 12 year olds: 43 % of the interviewees in this age group read at least once a week. Girls read books more often than boys. 46 % of the participants read magazines at least once or several times a week.

There is a general trend that the consumption of magazines increases with age. A clear difference between the sexes can be discerned with regard to the choice of magazine genres.

Target Group:Children; Youth;  
Internet:http: / / www.bdzv.de / bdzv_intern+M587950e32ab.html



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