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“Leer en Familia“ Reading in the Family in Colombia

Inspired by the “Bookstart“ experience in the United Kingdom, Fundalectura adapted the concept in 2003 and applied it to Colombia. Supported by cultural and educational institutions, children are provided with books as soon as they are born, regardless of their parents’ social status wherever they live, thus independent from aspects that might otherwise have a negative effect on their reading socialisation.

“Reading in the family“ targets children from when they are born till the age of six years and their parents. The programme consists of several elements:

1. “Los Bebés Si Pueden Leer” (Babies can read)

2. “Leer en Familia en el Jardín Infantil” (Reading in the Family in Kindergartens)

3. “Leer en Familia en la Biblioteca Pública” (Reading in the Family in public libraries)

4. “Campaña en medios” (media campaign)

5. “Concurso de ilustración de afiche Leer en Familia” (drawing competition)

Target Group:Babies; Infants; Families;  
Internet:http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=2

Institution:    Foundation for Reading Promotion in Colombia