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Study on the reading habits of children and youths in China

From April to July 2009, a study was conducted in China within the framework of the project “Child and Youth Year of Reading“. The basic corpus of respondents consisted of pupils from primary school levels 2 to 6, thus addressing the group of pupils aged between 7 and 14 years. The study focused the reading conduct of migrants in particular.


600 schools and 151,277 children took part in the study. 87.8 percent of them lived in a town, 11.5 percent lived in the country; 20,2 percent of the children had a migrant background.

95.1 percent of the children claimed they enjoyed reading. 59.3 percent of the pupils list reading as their favourite pastime, followed by sports and internet activities (48.4 percent), while watching television accounts for 43.8 percent and other activities account for 24.1 percent of the children’s most favoured activities .

More than two thirds (70 percent) of the students read daily in their spare time, 18.2 percent of whom spend less than an hour reading, 36.3 percent read between one and two hours a day, 22.8 percent spend between 3 and 4 hours reading, and 22.5 percent read more than five hours a day. The students’ average reading time amounts to 2.5 hours.

42.8 percent of the students read more than seven books in six months. 21.8 percent read five up to six books, 22.8 percent read three or four books, 11.8 percent of the respondents read one book or two. The average amount of books read by a student in six months is little less than 3 (2.95).

Students were also questioned as to what keeps from reading little or nothing. 40.3 percent of them replied that they find few books interesting. 35.8 percent claimed that their workload for the school kept them from reading for leisure, and 35.8 percent believe books are too expensive. 23.6 percent do not know how to find good books and 20 percent cannot access a library.

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