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„Lire et faire lire“ - Reading to children in Canada

Following the succes of the programme lire et faire lire, established in France in 1999 the concept was soon adapted for the French-speaking region of Québéc in Canada. Other than the original organisation in France, “Lire et faire lire“ in Canada is a programme that receives support from more than 50 organisations, e.g. pensioners or public libraries in Québéc. Same as in France, senior citizens aged 50 and older are brought together with children to read.

Once a week, volunteers read to small groups of children in a public institution, such as a primary school. The project focuses on the enjoyment of reading and telling stories and on a lively exchange. Children can develop a sense of reading for pleasure, and contact between the different generations is fostered. In Québéc, “Lire et faire lire“ addresses children aged between four and eight years in kindergartens and primary schools (first year).

Target Group:Children;  
Internet:http: / / www.lireetfairelire.qc.ca /