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“Centres de lecture et d’animation culturelle (CLAC)” - Centres for literature and cultural venues

“Centres de lecture et d’animation culturelle (CLAC)” – Centres for literature and cultural venues –is a programme hosted by the “Organisation internationale de la francophonie” (International Organisation of French-speaking countries), situated in Paris and dedicated to the cause of fostering collaborations in the French-speaking world. To enable populations in rural areas an opportunity to access books, the organisation began to establish reading centres in Benin in 1986. In subsequent years, more such centres were established in other African countries, e.g. the Senegal, Burkina Faso or the Ivory Coast. Moreover, the “Organisation internationale de la francophonie” has supported several governments in setting up reading institutions. In 2000, centres were initiated in Haiti, and 2001 in the Lebanon. Meanwhile, 295 “centres de lecture et d’animation culturelle” have been established in 21 francophone countries in Africa, Oceania, the Caribbean region and in the Near East. Similar institutions are envisaged for five more countries, to be established by 2013. Each centre provides a library holding 2,500 books for loan, national and international newspapers and games and occasional cultural events are organised. While the centres are open to the public in general, they focus on addressing children and young people (pre-schoolers, primary and secondary students) and multipliers.

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