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“Läsglädje för livet“ in Sweden

“Läsglädje för livet“ (Joy of reading for life) is a collaborative project by “Ljusdal kommunbibliotek“ (main manager), “Ljusdal municipality“, “Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan“ and the health centre in Norra Hälingland: books and book packages targeting specific age groups are distributed to babies, infants and preschoolers. This long-term project has been running since 1993.

Babies: New-born babies or newly adopted children receive a book in their first year: “Barnens första bok“ is distributed free of charge. At the first health visit in the Norra Hälingland health centre, parents are given a gift voucher for the book, which parents can exchange for a copy of the book in a nearby library. This first book is donated by the Norra Hälingland health centre. The local libraries invite parents and their chilren to events hosted by the libraries. On the occasion, a librarian explains the importance of reading to children for their language development, and presents further books suitable for small children. If parents do not want to visit the library, they can obtain a copy of the book in the Ljusdal community administration.

Three-year olds:

In co-operation with the health centre “Barnavårdscentralerna (BVC)“, another book is given to the child on the occasion of a health visit, while the child’s language development is assessed. Furthermore, parents are again asked to read to their children on a regular basis and to visit the local library. The book is sponsored by Ljusdal library.


There are plans to provide each preschool child in the area of Ljusdal with a book package in the near future. Children will be able to take these book bags home to integrate the family into the reading project. So far, the reading packages are not yet available to all of the areas in the municipality: They are distributed in some districts, subject to different sponsors. The book packages contain children’s books relevant for the age group of preschoolers as well as brochurs informing parents about how they can support the children in their language development. Contents of the bags are exchanged at regular intervals.

Target Group:Babies; Infants; Children; Families;  
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