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“Bookbug“ reading promotion for babies and infants in Scotland

Bookbug-logoScottish Book Trust run the “Bookbug“ programme, which is intended to give all children in Scotland a lifelong love of books. An early contact with books facilitates early literacy and an enjoyment of books and reading.

“Bookbug“ unites different concepts promoting reading in various age groups. For instance, children are given book packages at the age of six weeks, 18 months, three years and at the beginning of primary school. The packages contain picture books, postcards and other materials suitable for the respective ages. These bags are called “Bookbug Baby“, “Bookbug Toddler“, “Bookbug Pirate“ and “P1 Book“.

Furthermore, “Bookbug“ sessions are held in libraries and community centres throughout the country - they are free, fun 40-minute events inviting babies, toddlers, and their families to read, sing and say nursery rhymes together. The sessions aim to strengthen the children`s development and enable families to meet. The “Bookbug`s Library Challenge“ is a library joining incentive scheme, where the children receive a sticker at each library visit, and can swap a certain number of stickers for a colourful illustrated certificate.

A video illustrates the “Bookbug“ concept: www.scottishbooktrust.com

“Bookbug“ is supported by local authorities and the packs are gifted via health visitors, early year settings and libraries.

Target Group:Babies; Infants; Families;  
Internet:http: / / www.scottishbooktrust.com / babies-early-years / about