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“Allas Barnbarn” - Reading promotion project in Sweden

For more than ten years, the Swedish society “Riksföreningen för läsfrämjande generationsmöten i förskola och förskoleklass” (National Society for Promoting reading across generations, preschools) has initiated ”Allas barnbarn” (for each grandchild). In this reading promotion project, grandparents regularly read out aloud to preschool children, in preschools and libraries.

“Riksföreningen Allas Barnbarn” coordinates and organises training sessions for the “sagoläsaren” (storytellers) and the children. Interested readers are invited to a first information meeting. In seven subsequent meetings, the potential readers are trained and prepared for their future roles and tasks. The meetings are held to familiarise the readers with the structures and situations they will encounter in the preschools. Furthermore, information is given regarding early language development, and literature is recommended. The new readers also meet to set up a network for exchanging experiences. At the wrap-up session, the readers meet the contact person for the respective preschool they will visit.

Presently the project is carried out in ca. 75 Swedish communities. The society is preparing an overview of communities where it is not yet active, and intends to extend its activities to these areas.

Target Group:Children;  
Internet:http: / / www.allasbarnbarn.nu /