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Education Worldwide

Reading Promotion Across Africa

Collecting Books for African Libraries

The UNESCO estimates that 38 percent of adult Africans are illiterate. In many sub-Saharan African countries, literacy rates are below 50 percent. However, literacy is at the core of education and basic skills needed to meet the challenges of life.

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“Caravane du Livre et de la Lecture” – Book and reading caravan

http: / / www.librairesfrancophones.org / rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=321

Poster_Caravane_du_livreThe organisation “Association Internationale des Libraires Francophones” (International Organisation of French language booksellers) was founded in 2002, networking more than 80 retailers from French-speaking countries worldwide, has organised a caravan of books and reading in several [ ... ]  

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Stories Across Africa

http: / / www.acalan.org / eng / projets / staaf.php

In most countries in Africa, books are only published in English, French or Portuguese, while native African languages are not being considered. To remedy the situation and promote reading in the native languages of Africa, the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN) has launched a project “Stories Across Africa” which provides the framework for publishing anthologies of children’s stories written in African languages. Fairy tales and stories are collected, illustrated and translated for this purpose. [ ... ]  

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