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Detailed Program for Day 2

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

This day of the conference is closed for the public. Participation only through personal invitation.


Setting the Baseline


Background and Context of Early Literacy Education

During the first part of the day, we will be discussing social and cultural parameters of Early Literacy education as well as other forms of a more holistic literacy understanding. Moreover, the current state of the art research results on reading literacy in two panel discussions and two lecture forums.


Exhibition of Bookstart-Projects from all over the World


Lunch Break



In lecture forums and panel discussions our experts will be dealing with various areas of responsibility for Early Literacy Education, such as families, public institutions, the third sector, libriaries and professional educators during the second timeslot on the day 2.   


Coffee Break


How to do? Know-how?

To round up the day, four interactive scenario workshops are going to provide the participating experts with practical know-how in the fields of campaigning, finances and quality assurance for their future oragnization of Early Literacy Education projects.



Day 2 - Wednesday, Ma..