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Detailed Program for Day 3

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

This day of the conference is closed for the public. Participation only through personal invitation.

Day 3 will be moderated by Dr. Christine Brinck.



Opening up Perspectives

Panel discussion:
Early Literacy Education - a Task for Politics?!

  1. Cay Corneliuson, Swedish Arts Council, Sweden
  2. Dr. Thomas Feist, MdB (CDU)
  3. Norbert Hocke, The German Education Union (GEW), Germany
  4. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Tietze, University of Berlin, Germany

Most of the world’s early literacy projects start on a local level, initiated by private organization, prove themselves to be successful, and move up to the regional sphere. Some are even implemented on a national scale. But still, most of the work is done by the third sector. In some countries national governments have stepped in, made Early Literacy Education a national priority, and introduced a National Reading Plan. Does politics taking responsibility save the problem or does it even cause further ones?


Coffee Break


Closing Speech: 
Early Literacy – A Stepping Stone for Lifelong Learning

Ulrike Hanemann, PhD,  UNESCO, Institute for Lifelong Learning

Much has already been mentioned about the immense impact of Early Literacy Education on children's life prospects during the conference proceedings. Many of today's educational gaps among adults could be reduced, if not prevented, had the awareness about the importance of early childhood been recognized earlier. But even if good early childhood education programs form a solid starting ground for a succesful life path, concentrating only on the first years could be fatally misleading. Rather we should regard early childhood education as a stepping stone for a lifelong learning process.


Farewell Remarks





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