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Reading and Learning Rooms in Capetonian township


In summer 2010, Reading and Learning Rooms were established in the South African town Mfuleni, a township in Cape Town. The rooms offer pupils the possibility to participate in workshops on various topics and read books and learning material or work on computers after school.

Workshops take place three times a week after regular school lessons. Here the teacher deepens the knowledge of natural and social sciences. The content of the workshops is designed in such a way that children can directly apply what they learn in the workshops, at school.

The children are motivated and the project is very popular among them. The Reading and Learning Rooms enjoy an ever-increasing flood of guests. They are particularly pleased when they are able to learn by applying practical examples in which they themselves are the protagonists.

This project takes a holistic approach that doesn’t only combine reading, scientific learning and sport. Practical workshops on hygiene, nutrition and safety are also offered.

The project is supported by the Siemens Foundation, Avallain and several private donors. This gives children access to new technologies and enables them to acquire knowledge in various ways.