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Reading Campaign María Moliner


The aim of the project Campaña de Animación a la Lectura María Moliner is to promote reading in communities with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants. For this, local projects and activities are being designed. These are supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces and the Coca-Cola Juan Manuel Sáinz de Vicuña Foundation. The project includes all community members, but focuses particularly on encouraging children and teenagers to begin reading at an early stage.

Events usually take place in community centres and libraries. Prizes, such as books and cash prizes are awarded for the most successful concepts in various categories. Through this approach, small communities are receiving support and a network is developing, which promotes reading literacy in areas where  access to education is limited.

This programme presents an important strategy – it is estimated that half of the Spanish population still lives in communities with less than 50,000 inhabitants – through which significant effects are evident in these areas. In recent evaluations, the feedback of the communities was much improved. To date we can boast with more than 9,000 projects in over 2,000 communities.

The rewarded initiatives in the reading campaigns include the census of activities for reading promotion since 1998. The aim of this census is to further distribute already developed projects, thereby contributing to the improvement of rural areas.

(Image: flickr-user visualpanic with a Creative Commons-licence CC BY 2.0, 24th July 2012)