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Servicio de Orientacíon de Lectura (SOL)


The Servicio de Orientacíon de Lectura is an initiative of the Federation of Committees of Spanish Publishing Houses, which together with the Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation, and in collaboration with the Dirección General del Libro, the library archives of the Ministry of Education, gave birth to this concept.

The Spanish project is aimed at society as a whole, and pursues concrete objectives: Firstly, the promotion of literacy skills in all age groups. Secondly, the initiative gives simple but qualitative support to people who want to stay in touch with literature and get more involved with reading. The project offers a platform through which people who are professionally involved with literature can get in touch with those who are interested in reading in order to exchange ideas. The initiative sees its duty not in searching for and finding literature, but rather in recommending books.

The project gives recommendations and also support for every single age group. That means promoting literacy skills based on age on the one hand, and on the other hand it also provides an opportunity for the publishing houses to present a selection of their reading materials. In order to make the texts attractive for users of this platform, illustrations, reading sessions, summaries and similar information pertaining to the book are always offered.

The user of these materials does not remain passive, but can comment, evaluate and recommend books for libraries and school classes. In this way the project will increase its coverage. Likewise it is possible to request a catalogue containing suggestions on how reading can be promoted and put into context. By so doing, teachers, reading clubs, promotional campaigns and other groups can expand their selection of books and their choice of activities.

Therefore the project offers an opportunity for communication between all social classes and age groups, so that everybody can find his or her special preferences. In this way, individual interests are addressed and the love of reading is promoted.