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National Center for Family Literacy, USA

325 West Main Street, Suite 300
Louisville, KY 40202
+1 502 584 1133


The ability to read is the key to success. Children learn this most of all within the familiar home environment. This is the foundation stone for educational and economic success. The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) works on the basis of this fact and supports the promotion of literacy and numeracy skills.

The organization works together with many external institutions and companies. From every act of cooperation, new projects emerge. For example, through cooperation with McDonald’s, a campaign was born which involves the staging of night reading sessions in the restaurants, during which parents are shown how they can teach their children reading, mathematics and science while carrying out simple household routines.

Since the organization considers it a risk when mothers have only a basic education or if the family has a low income, NCFL has put forward suggestions as to how the parents can contribute to their children’s education despite these factors. In this way, learning should be integrated into their daily activities. The child should calculate the prices of products, read street signs and so on. In addition, there are tips for exercises involving all sorts of preferences and situations, such as the use of technical aids and occasions like Valentine's Day.

The family is not the only group being targeted by NCFL. Teachers, trainees and everyone who is involved with the education of children can also make use of these suggestions and promotional activities. Classes and others groups also receive book donations from affiliated companies.

The relationship between teachers and their pupils, but more especially the relationship between parents and their children, shall generally be strengthened. The organization considers the building of self-confidence and the widening of the children’s horizons, both of which will be promoted through these close relationships, as essential requirements for the acquisition of reading skills.

NCFL was founded by Sharon Darling in 1989 and has supported more than 1 million families through its programs. More than 150,000 teachers and volunteers support the work of the organization.

The real-life effects of family literacy