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Consejo Puebla de Lectura promotes reading in Mexico

12 Norte 1808, Barrio del Alto
C.P. 72000, Puebla


Consejo Puebla de Lectura (CPL) is a non-governmental organization promoting reading and carrying out research with regard to reading and reading promotion.

CPL was originally founded in the year 2001 in order to organize the 7th Latin American Conference for the Development of Reading and Writing in collaboration with the International Reading Association. After this event with more than 3,000 participants from all over Latin America, CPL has developed a variety of activities in the area of Puebla capital, Puebla state and other Mexican regions. Thus, CPL contrasts with similar organizations, which are traditionally located in or around Mexico City.

CPL houses a library open to the public with more than 18,000 books, comprising fiction, non-fiction and textbooks for children, youth and adults. The library houses four service areas: non-narrative, literary, kids books and a Bebeteca.

A Bebeteca is a special room dedicated to babies and their families. Clean foam mats allow babies and infants to crawl around and discover the baby library, a collection of books geared towards the little ones and placed on the floor, thus the children can discover the books themselves. Activities such as singing together, rhyming, reading aloud and consulting parents complement this service. There are also mobile Bebetecas which can be installed on a road side in quarters without suitable rooms, for instance for a Saturday morning session for kids living in the neighborhood.

CPL has participated in nation-wide book selections for public school libraries and created a network of teachers, writers, academics and scientists through this activity. Many of those advise other teachers, students and parents in reading workshops and promote science in basic education. Furthermore, CPL is involved in educating reading promoters and mediators on a professional level. CPL has also published a good practice reading guide for teachers based on research in public schools.

The work of CPL is supported by university students who serve as volunteers as part of a national scheme promoting voluntary services to communities. The Pueblan organization is run by 17 staff members, many with anthropology, linguistics and literary degrees.

CPL receives funding from private and public sources as well as from their very own daily activities.