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The Reading Aloud Club


If someones enjoys reading and reading aloud, love beautiful stories, enjoy dealing with children, would like to share this enthusiasm and pass it on, becoming a volunteer in the Reading Aloud Club might be the right thing.

The Stiftung Lesen Reading Aloud Club brings all those together who would like to volunteer as honorary readers. The volunteers are trained by the foundation in seminars. With their help, more sessions in which books are read to children can be offered on a regional level so that even more children can get to know “adventure reading”. At the moment, 8,000 volunteers offer reading aloud sessions. The sessions offered by volunteers should add to those sessions offered by full-time members of staff in nursery-schools, primary schools, libraries and hospitals.

Why the project “Vorlesepaten” (“Reading Aloud Volunteers”)?

Shelves full of picture books are useless if children are left to their own devices with them. This is happening more and more often because parents and educators do not find enough time to read to children. In order to pass on the joy of reading to children from a very young age, the Stiftung Lesen has developed the project “Reading Aloud Volunteers”.

The foundation’s involvement comprises two parts: firstly, they want to win over interested women and men to become “Reading Aloud Volunteers” and want to give them tips and advice on reading to children. Secondly, they want to win over multipliers, i.e. people who can develop a circle of “Reading Aloud Volunteers” and can support the volunteers in their town or district.

What does the project want to achieve?

The project is set in the context of the initiative “We read aloud – anywhere and anytime”, which has been set up by the Stiftung Lesen and the weekly journal DIE ZEIT. The target of this project is to create a network of volunteers who contribute immensely to the active language development of children and at the same time support contact between generations.

Who can volunteer to read aloud?

Everybody who wants to pass on their enthusiasm for reading to children, but do not have the opportunity to do so within their circle of friends or family.

Training of volunteers

In a one day seminar, the consultants of the Stiftung Lesen demonstrate that by reading to children, it is not difficult to fill them with enthusiasm about reading – and thus to contribute to the development of their imagination and language through play.

The training consists of exercising practical skills. Besides that, everybody who would like to read to children will learn how to choose suitable children’s books, create an atmosphere that is positive for reading and many more things that will turn reading to children into a special experience.

The seminar also provides volunteers with book fairs and brochures containing book suggestions. All participants will receive a certificate, a Reading Aloud Club ID card and a pin that identifies the bearer is a “Reading Aloud Volunteer”.