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The fact that Stiftung Lesen’s school projects have been met with a great response in past years shows that teachers are very important partners in reading support. With the help of unusual and creative projects, committed teachers succeed in filling children and teenagers with enthusiasm for reading and literature.

This is why Stiftung Lesen aims to intensify the collaboration with teachers and link different reading support approaches in schools more closely. The Teacher’s Club has been created as a service platform to support teachers of all types of schools even more in their attempts to get pupils fit for life in a multimedia world. For this, reading and writing are still the basic competencies.

The club includes methodical didactic materials for school lessons, information, events and workshops on literature, media education and reading research.

Teachers and Stiftung Lesen work closely together here and profit from each other. The teachers profit from the offers for planning lessons. Stiftung Lesen profits from reports and ideas from the practical side of school life. Thus, the club lives and develops mainly through its members. The only condition for the free membership for teachers is their personal commitment to reading – more than 21,500 members prove this daily in their lessons.