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Stiftung Lesen Reading Clubs


Stiftung Lesen’s reading clubs aim to support reading competence and language acquisition as well as reading motivation and media competence. Reading clubs are meeting points in schools, libraries and other institutions where children and teenagers can meet in their leisure time to read, play, do handicrafts, to talk or just to ‘escape’ for a while from their everyday school life or their homes.

The main focus lies on activities centred on reading – with no pressure to perform or achieve good grades. The children and teenagers can occupy themselves freely and casually with literature and other things that interest them. The contact with books does not necessarily have to stand in the foreground at the club meetings. Rather, children and teenagers learn a new approach to books.

At the moment, roughly 500 Stiftung Lesen reading clubs exist nationwide. Their main targets are reading and language support, passing on media competence, supporting social integration and tolerance as well as improvement of social competence. The reading clubs appeal to children and teenagers of different geographical and social backgrounds – and they enjoy coming to know different kinds of literature and cultures.

Club visitors can use their own initiative to pursue various activities they might find interesting, ranging from using audio-visual media to creating a group contribution for a Stiftung Lesen competition.

Anybody who is commited, motivated and finds a suitable venue can found a reading club. Reading clubs are looked after by teachers and numerous volunteers. Stiftung Lesen supports the establishment of a reading club by:

  • Giving proactive advice in case of organisational questions
  • Offering further training to those who look after reading clubs
  • Regularly providing material on reading and media education
  • Giving a one-off starter pack containing books