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How to do? Know-how?

Day 2, 3rd Timeslot

The partcipation for this day is only possible with a personal invitation.

Workshop 1: Financing and Fundraising

Interactive Scenario Workshop

Even the best project, the most brilliant campaign or the most innovative idea might never come into realization without solid financial structures. Therefore, the ability to attain project funding is the fundamental first step to successful Early Literacy Education, coming from NPOs. But is there a limit to fundraising? Doesn’t cooperating with multi-national corporations go hand in hand with leading children into a consumerist way of life or does the good of the cause justify the means?

Workshop 2: Campaigning and Promoting

Interactive Scenario Workshop

Improvement of early childhood literacy is in everybody’s interest. So, why not take “everybody” into the boat with you, whenever you call for better learning conditions? Raising awareness of the issue in a broad public is most effectively achieved by large, multi-layered campaigns that are organized, sponsored and supported by broad coalitions from all parts of society. 'Raising awareness for Early Literacy Education' is also the central message to be delivered from this conference. But what if you want to start a big campaign to carry this out to as many people as pos-sible? What does one have to do and think of to make this campaign a successful one?

Workshop 3: Bookstart – A Successful Early Literacy Education Project Worldwide

Interactive Scenario Workshop

  • Sabine Bonewitz, Stiftung Lesen, Germany
  • Viv Bird, Booktrust, Great Britain
  • Wendy Cooling, Freelance Author, Great Britain

Bookstart means encouraging parents worldwide to read to and with their children. Bookstart means sustainable long-term improvements in reading skills by starting at the youngest age. Bookstart means similar projects all over the world drawing links between reading, education, health, and joy. Bookstart means reaching anybody anywhere. Bookstart means opening doors for the future – worldwide. Bookstart means starting on a small regional scale and becoming a nationwide project. The participants of this scenario workshop will be introduced to different ways how to realize Bookstart in their homecountries.

Workshop 4: Scientific Evaluation of Early Literacy Education Projects

Interactive Scenario Workshop

  • Dr. Simone C. Ehmig (Moderator), Stiftung Lesen, Germany
  • Dr. Roel van Steensel, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Good projects need to be evaluated, so that it has been officially proven that they are good. Moreover, evaluation helps even the best early literacy projects to discover even the slightest inconsistencies. Thus, evaluation can be understood as a process to continuously improve the quality of pro-jects. Evaluation answers questions as: Where are the strengths and weaknesses of the project? How much has XYZ improved/worsened? But not every evaluation is useful. What are the ingredients of successful evaluations, how are they to be developed and which specifics have to be kept in mind?



How to do? Know-how?