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Bookstart Exhibition

Bookstart is a concept for an early childhood literacy project, which was created 1992 by the British NGO Booktrust ”to give every child a flying start in life”. Today, Bookstart projects are taking place in many countries all over the world, often sponsored by public institutions or national reading plans. The intention of Bookstart is to encourage all parents to enjoy books with their children from an early age and thus inspire a love of reading.

Practically, families are provided with a number of board and picture books throughout the early phase of their children’s development, starting mostly already at infant age and ending shortly before they start school.-Along with the books parents receive information on what and how to read to their children in beautifully decorated bags.

During our conference proceedings, Bookstart projects from all over the world have been presented in a poster exhibition, which is supervised by Prof. Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer.




Bookstart Exhibition