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More and Better Readers Through Viva Leer


Creer más y mejores lectores – creating more readers with better reading skills, this is what the initiative Viva leer considers as its task. The work of the organisation based in Chile is grounded on several approaches.

The most important approach is the founding and endowment of 75 libraries. If they satisfy the criteria, public schools and educational institutions can apply for the establishment of a library. The organisation was able to set up 15 new libraries in 2011. A further 15 schools have also been chosen for 2012. The first library was opened in 2008 in Cabulco. Copec donated the funding for the equipment and the Fundación La Fuente were responsible for setting up the library.. The cooperation worked so well that Copec and the Fundación La Fuente founded Viva leer to set up even more libraries and for triggering further reading initiatives. 

The Fundación La Fuente is a private foundation in the field of education and culture. It was founded in 2000 and is mainly engaged in working with the underprivileged population strata. Copec, a  mineral oil and energy concern, was founded in 1934.

Another approach of Viva leer is offering literature at affordable prices to as many people as possible. Therefore, an assortment of books at low prices has been introduced into gas stations throughout Chile. Besides many classics, recent works and children’s books, there are also books like Subterra (Sub Terra) by Baldomero Lillo, El principito (The little prince) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry or La Odisea (Odyssey) by Homer.

Furthermore, Viva leer has created a volunteer programme. The employees of Copec, for example, can commit themselves to helping with the setting up of libraries.

The website Viva leer finally completes the current reading initiatives. According to the motto Un libro te busca – a book is searching for you – books are presented and recommended by other users. A search function helps readers to find books in different genres. The column Ruta iteraria is also noticeable. Very special locations in Chile are described here, just like the Biblioplaza at a site in the middle of the Atacama Desert or Lautaro, the city of the poet Jorge Teillier. The interviews with Chilean authors, translators and illustrators are also worth mentioning.

(Image: Screenshot taken from video)