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JAK – The Slovenian Book Agency

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The Slovenian Book Agency was founded by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia as an autonomous governmental institution in January 2009. It covers all branches of the book chain from authors to publishers and readers with different forms of support:

  • promotion of original and non-commercial book and magazine production in the areas of literature, science, art and culture in general, youth literature and youth periodicals, expert and critical works;
  • yearly grants for top literary authors, critics and translators;
  • public lending rights;
  • promotion of Slovenian books and authors at home and abroad;
  • promotion of literary festivals, expert meetings, education and training;
  • reading promotion;
  • promotion of bookshop network;
  • providing information on literary events and books at home and abroad;
  • cooperation with international institutions;
  • participation in the book policy making and its management in Slovenia.

National project Growing up with a book

The Slovenian Book Agency also carries out independent projects for the reading promotion among young people. The most important among them is the national project Growing up with a book.

In the school year 2012/2013 the project is organized for:

  • the seventh time for seventh-grade primary school pupils and;
  • the third time for first-year secondary school pupils.

Every year the Slovenian Book Agency chooses a work of youth literature by a Slovene author suitable for seventh-grade primary school pupils and for first-year secondary school pupils.

Every pupil receives the selected book during their yearly visit to the nearest general public library. The visit is part of the primary and secondary schools’ curriculum.

By visiting the library, pupils are introduced to library and information science and the latest in Slovene youth literature. The selected book and author are also presented.

The pupils attending schools for Slovenes in neighbouring countries (Austria, Hungary, Italy) also receive the book.

Every year Growing up with a book officially starts on 8th September – the International Literacy Day – when the books have already been delivered to all general public libraries in Slovenia and are eagerly awaiting their readers.

The aims of Growing up with a book are:

  • promoting the availability and originality of varied, quality and original Slovene youth literature;
  • promoting top Slovene authors of youth literature;
  • motivating pupils to read and visit general public libraries;
  • motivating publishers to include more contemporary Slovene writers of youth literature in their publishing programs and to increase the share of published original Slovene youth literature.

The Slovenian Book Agency cooperates with the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport, General Public Libraries Association, National Education Institute, Society of School Librarians, Slovene Writers’ Association, general public libraries, Slovene primary and secondary schools, and educational establishments for children and young people with special needs.

The Slovenian Book Agency also cooperates with Slovene teachers who give lessons to Slovene pupils abroad (Latin America, USA, Canada, Australia, Serbia, BIH, Austria, France, etc.) and in Euro schools.

Guest author: Tjasa Urankar