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Vending Machines Sell Books in Montréal

What do vending machines sell? If you are not Japanese, you might come up with just a limited range of answers such as "chocolate bars", "cookies", "something to drink", "sandwiches" – all things that might nourish our body. What might be missing then? Nourishing the mind!

This, at least, would be the answer of the Montréal Southwest Borough. It decided to install book vending machines named machin-o-livres next to three public swimming pools in their district. For this summer pilot project, vintage vending machines were redesigned in order to offer a range of books for a low price of 1 Canadian Dollar per item. Each machine contains around one hundred titles and features novels, poetry and children's books. All books are used and are coming from Montréal public libraries. Also, people are encouraged to donate books for this project.

Southwest Borough officials hope to encourage reading and an interest for books among those who do not frequent public libraries and a wider audience in general in a pleasant environment. If the project proves to be successful, more machines may be installed around the city.