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Low-Skilled Adults Are Being Left Behind

The new OECD Survey of Adult Skills, also known as PIAAC, shows that low-skilled adults are more likely to be unemployed, have bad health and earn much less compared to their peers.

The PIAAC, basically a PISA test for adults, measured the skills of more than 150,000 working-age adults between 16 and 65 across 24 countries worldwide. The test involved skills such as literacy, numeracy and problem-solving related to everyday tasks. The survey reveals that high quality initial education is an important predictor for success in adult life, but needs to be combined with flexible and skills-oriented lifelong learning opportunities.

In terms of reading, more than 20 percent of adults in Italy, Spain and France perform at or below the most basic level. Similarly, roughly 30 percent of adults in Italy, Spain and the United States perform at or below the most basic level for numeracy. What is more, millions fail to master even simple computer tasks such as handling a computer mouse in countries such as Italy, Korea, Poland, the Slovak Republic and Spain.

Watch this brilliant video for the key findings of this survey.

Read the full OECD Survey of Adult Skills 2013.

(Image taken from video. Video Boost skills for jobs and well-being with courtesy of OECD.)




Low-Skilled Adults Ar..