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New E-Book Features Innovative Early Literacy Approaches

Finally published for immediate download: The e-book Prepare for Life! Raising Awareness for Early Literacy Education (PDF) is the result of the same-titled international expert conference that took place in March 2013 in Leipzig.

About the e-book

The e-book features the innovative practical approaches and research of 40 of the conference participants, amongst them Wolf Singer, Susan B. Neuman, Eric A. Hanushek and Ulrike Hanemann. The articles cover topics from brain research to the economic relevance of early childhood development.

Why this e-book is for you

This e-book is for everybody working in the field of literacy promotion. Why for everybody? Because Early Literacy is the stepping stone into lifelong learning and serves as a foundation for acquiring reading skills later on. The articles bring you up to speed.

Book sections

1. Early Childhood Development – Prerequisites for Better Outcomes

2. Early Literacy Education – Concepts, Practice and Meaning

3. Background Conditions and Factors Influencing Development Potential and Literacy Support

4. Actors Promoting Early Childhood Literacy

5. Good Practices

6. Long-Term Perspectives

Leipzig Recommendations on Early Literacy Education


About the conference

More than 130 participants from 35 different countries discussed cultural, social and political state-of-the-art topics related to early childhood language and reading skills. The International Expert Conference "Prepare for Life! Raising Awareness for Early Literacy Education" took place in Leipzig from 12th to 14th March 2013.

The conference was organised by Stiftung Lesen and sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Technical details

144 pages (A4) as PDF.

Download the e-book now for free (PDF):

Prepare for Life! Raising Awareness for Early Literacy Education



New E-Book Features I..