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New Media for Reading Resource Page

There seems to be a huge interest in how new media can be used in order to promote reading amongst children and teenagers. Many devices are being used such as the kindle or the iPad, and more and more apps and e-books are being published. However, there are many questions such as: How to best implement new media for reading development? What works? How do children and their parents use new media? We have found some great resources for you.

Please note that it is quite impossible to list a comprehensive resource. However, the given links point to blogs and websites with more interesting stuff do discover.

Let us know if you want us to add a resource.


What kind of research is out there that looks at new media and reading skills? Research volume has expanded considerably in recent time, but there appears to be huge gap in terms of best practices for parents and teachers.

E-Reading rises as device ownership jumps | Pew Internet

Parents, children, libraries, and reading | Pew Internet

How teachers are using technology at home and in their classrooms | Pew internet

Tablet and e-reader ownership (updated data) | Pew internet

Learning at home: families educational media use in America (PDF) | The Joan Ganz Cooney Center

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Two-thirds of kids now reading digitally | Digital Book World


Should parents buy an e-reader or not? What are the advantages or disadvantages of e-books over traditional books? How much of new media is good for the children? We have found some interesting and perhaps somewhat controversial articles and discussions for you.

Why the iPad has revolutionized bedtime reading for parents and kids | The Digital Media Diet

Kindle for kids guide | Niabooks.com

Choosing an e-reader for kids | Chicago Parent

How to read an e-book with your child | Reading Rockets

Preparing new electronic devices for kids | Parents

Are e-readers a good idea for kids? | TechAgeKids

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Will e-books (gulp) ever replace traditional books for children? | Room to Grow

Policy statement of the American Academy of Pediatrics | American Academy of Pediatrics

Children and electronic media | The Future of Children

E-book versus print: What parents need to know | Scholastic

Your tablet: Why read e-books with your child | KiteReaders

Kids, parents still prefer traditional reading over e-books | Global News


The question is probably not whether to use new media or not. New media is already there, and children use new technology all the time. Thus, the interesting question is how to best implement new media in the classroom. Again, this is not an exhaustive listing, but just some starting points to discover more interesting stuff on those blogs and websites.

Technology in the classroom: Basics | Reading Rockets

iPads in education | iPad Educators

How use of an iPad facilitated reading improvement | Springer

How Apple’s iPad transformed my reading intervention classroom | Voices Yahoo

How an innovative educator became interested in mobile devices for learning | The Innovative Educator

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Finally! Research-based proof that students use cell phones for learning | The Innovative Educator

Research supporting the benefits of technology for reading and writing | The Innovative Educator

Quality content in demand as multimedia use expands | Edweek

Using (and not using) iPads to teach reading | Powerful Learning Practice

Reading apps and e-books

We have researched some resources that have evaluated reading apps and e-books that we find trustworthy.

There is an app for that | Scholastic

Reading software: Finding the right program | Reading Rockets

Educational literacy apps | Reading Rockets

Researchers create free app for parents to help children read | The Open University

Reading apps for children | bestappsforkids.com

20 iPad apps to teach elementary reading | TeachThought

6 awesome free reading apps for iPad | Educators Technology

Reading apps | common sense media

Last updated: 2014-02-18