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Reading projects, campaigns, reading suggestions and book prizes by Booktrust


Interview with Dr Roland Marden

Booktrust Research and Development Manager

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Diverse activities organised by Booktrust aim to establish a contact to books and to kindle a motivation for reading by this and other means. Dr. Roland Marden, the research and development director, talks about book donation campaigns and a project for eleven-year-old children who can choose a book amongst a selection and keep it.
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“Talk To Your Baby“ - United Kingdom

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / talk_to_your_baby

“Talk To Your Baby“ is a project of the UK National Literacy Trust, targeting parents and carers of babies, toddlers and infants from birth to under three years of age. The project is monitored across a period of three years (2009-2011). The project encourages parents and carers to talk, sing and read with their children as often as possible. The website also provides access to relevant resources which are designed as a tool for use by professionals who work with parents and carers, focusing on the [ ... ]  

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Bookstart (UK)

http: / / www.bookstart.org.uk

Bookstart provide each baby in the United Kingdom with a set of books, and supports health and education professionals as well as parents with guidance regarding early learning and reading. Furthermore, it targets librarians and booksellers as regards advice and partnership solutions for selecting the book packs. 

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Booktime (UK)

http: / / www.booktime.org.uk

Booktime is a national programme that promotes reading for pleasure and encourages family engagement in shared reading at an important transition stage in children’s learning and development. Booktime encourages children, parents and carers to read together for pleasure by giving a free book pack to children starting primary school. Booktime also aims to reach children not accessing mainstream education, through local authority contacts and social inclusion coordinators. Booktime is the flagship [ ... ]  

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The Letterbox Club - UK

http: / / www.booktrust.org.uk / bookgifting / letterbox-club /

©BooktrustThe Letterbox Club was initiated by Rose Griffiths at the University of Leicester’s School of Education and is managed by Booktrust. It focuses on improving the educational outlook for children aged 7-11 in foster families by providing them with a parcel of books, maths activities and educational materials every month for six months. Research shows that children in [ ... ]  

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Letterbox Club Evaluation

Booked Up - UK

http: / / www.booktrust.org.uk / bookgifting / booked-up /

Booked Up is a national programme that aims to give a free book to every child starting secondary school in England. Booked Up’s goal is to support and encourage reading for pleasure and independent choice. Year 7 pupils choose their free book from a list of specially selected titles. 

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Childrens Book Week (CBW)

http: / / www.booktrust.org.uk / books-and-reading / children / childrens-book-week /

Children’s Book Week is a celebration of reading for pleasure for children of primary school age. Children’s Book Week is always held in the first full week of October. The theme in 2008 is Rhythm and Rhyme. A free teachers’ pack will arrive in all state primary schools, public libraries, special schools and initial teacher training institutions in England by Monday 16 June.The pack contains: a comprehensive teacher’s resource guide including games, activities for Foundation Stage, key stages KS1 and KS2, [ ... ]  

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Everybody Writes

http: / / www.everybodywrites.org.uk /

Everybody Writes offers classroom teachers innovative ideas and practical resources to get primary pupils and secondary students excited about writing. The Everybody Writes approach is about exploring writing beyond the classroom and taking it into the playground, communities and even the workplace. Everybody Writes encourages schools to try out new and interesting ways of initiating writing and to offer their young people a real audience for their writing. Everybody Writes is a project run in [ ... ]  

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„London By the Book“ - an interactive map

http: / / www.getlondonreading.co.uk

The interactive map “London By the Book“ features more than 400 books either set in, or about, the capital. The map was created in 2006 for the campaign “Get London Reading“. 

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The Story campaign - UK

http: / / www.theshortstory.org.uk

The short story website is dedicated to the literary form of short stories: it provides information about campaigns and competitions, short story awards and background information, as well as introducing short story writing techniques and offering award-winning stories for download. 

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Recommended Books (Booktrust)

http: / / www.booktrust.org.uk / books-and-reading /

The Booktrust foundation provides recommendations for reading on its website, and links to topical sites, such as the ‘Get London Reading’ website. Book recommendations and reviews are available for all age groups, different genres and special issues (e.g. disability, books for children with learnining disabilities). Older reviews can be retrieved from the archives. 

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Book prizes (Booktrust)

http: / / www.booktrust.org.uk / Prizes-and-awards

The Booktrust Foundation, a non-profit, independen organisation, administers a number of prizes for (children`S) books in diferent age categories, including prizes for emerging authors, baby and pre-school books, books for teenagers.  

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