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Reading projects and campaigns by the National Literacy Trust

Wikireadia - Wiki for sharing knowledge about literacy and reading

http: / / www.wikireadia.org.uk

Wikireadia was launched as a good practice encyclopedia for the National Year of Reading in 2008, aiming to provide a shared knowledge base for literacy and reading promotion in the United Kingdom. Projects can be searched by target groups and regions, and the wiki invites different groups (schools, libraries, communities) to participate in editing. Apart from collecting information about projects, Wikireadia also gives advice as to how literacy can be promoted, and how projects can be evaluated and [ ... ]  

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National Young Readers` Programme (United Kingdom)

http: / / www.rif.org.uk

The National Young Readers’ Programme (formerly “Reading is Fundamental UK“) is the national programme that the National Literacy Trust uses to motivate disadvantaged children and young people to read for pleasure. NYRP helps children and young people to acquire the skills they need to develop as a reader, from knowing how to choose a book that engages them, to where they can find books once the project is over. 

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Reading The Game (reading promotion in the UK)

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / Football / index.html

Reading The Game (RTG) is an initiative run by the National Literacy Trust which works to promote reading, writing, and speaking and listening for all ages through the motivational power of sport The project has ben in existence since 2002: major football clubs are supported in motivating their fans to read. The positive asocation with the sport is thus beneficial to the youths` attitude toward reading and books.- National Liteacy Tust project. 

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Reading Connects – developing reading communities (UK)

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / reading_connects

Reading Connects, a DCSF-funded National Literacy Trust initiative, supports primary and secondary schools in developing their own whole-school reading culture. Reading Connects is more of an ethos, than a project. It encourages schools to embed a holistic creative approach to promoting reading for pleasure into their policies, vision and good practice. A family toolkit integrates the home environment of the children. 

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The Vital Link (promoting adult literacy in the United Kingdom)

http: / / www.readingagency.org.uk / adults / the-vital-link-principles /

The Reading Agency in the United Kingdom is a charity that focuses on adult literacy and reading promotion programmes for adults. Amongst others, it cooperates with library associations and adult literacy providers in running “Vital Link”, targeting new adult library members and their literacy. “Vital Link” was originally a model project that was initially supported by the government and the National Literacy Trust. 

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Reading Mentors (UK)

http: / / www.nationalliteracytrust.net / campaign / youth.html#Canterbury

This scheme was set up by the Norwood Achievement Partnership, to encourage girls of 12 and 13 with a reading age of 9 or below. They are trained in the mechanics of teaching basic reading skills, then visit the local St. Luke`s Primary School, where they mentor five and six-year-olds. The mentors attend one lunch-time a week, alternating between visiting St. Lukes, and staying to be taught new words and phrases, play word games and read stories. The average after-project improvement in reading age is one [ ... ]  

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Partners in Literacy (PIL) - A strategy to support literacy in the home

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / familyreading / index.html

The National Literacy Trust has developed “Partners in Literacy” (PiL) as a programme for networking institutions and actors in literacy at the level of local authorities, thus taking a coordinated approach to supporting literacy in the home. It focuses on young and socially disadvantaged children (birth till five years), in order to inspire reading in the family in an effective way. The programme originates from a pilot project, i.e. “Family Reading Matters”. 

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Reading promotion for infants

The Newham Project (UK)

http: / / www.nationalliteracytrust.net / campaign / youth.html#Newham

The result of a collaboration between the Newham Music Trust and Reading Is Fundamental, The Newham Project aim is to help children who might not usually enjoy reading, by using music to bring stories alive. The scheme has reached more than 270 seven to 10-year-olds, giving three books to each child, and staging three music sessions per year. Teacher Michelle Loughery explains: “Children may be able to read a word, but may not know its meaning in terms of dramatic events, so musical interpretation helps.“  

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Way Ahead - reaching out to disaffected youth (reading project, UK)

http: / / www.nationalliteracytrust.net / campaign / youth.html#Leeds

Leeds Libraries received funding to launch `Way Ahead`. This was a reader development programme focusing on 16 to 19-year-old non-library users living in inner city Leeds, an area suffering from a multitude of issues such as high crime rates, unemployment and poverty. A series of creative activities and events were employed to encourage young people to use the libraries and become active participants in the literal life of the city. The project worked with young people to develop specialist reader-centred [ ... ]  

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Involving employees with storysacks (UK readig project)

http: / / www.wikireadia.org.uk / index.php?title=Reading_Initiatives_-_Early_Years#Involving_employees_with_storysacks

Business in the Community worked with North Nottinghamshire TEC to encourage employers to involve their employees in making storysacks for local schools as part of the Sure Start programme in Mansfield. Representatives from business, statutory organisations and community groups attended a workshop run by Neil Griffiths, Director of the national Storysacks project. Contact BITC on 0115 911 6666.  

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Fast Lane - language and literacy initiative in Kirklees (UK)

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk /

FAST LANE`s Babies into Books scheme FAST LANE is a community-wide language and literacy initiative which operates in Kirklees. The Babies into Books programme gives parents and carers of children up to two years old the opportunity to join a BIB group where they can meet other families, make books and puppets, choose and share books with their toddlers and hear about how children learn to read, draw and write. BIB groups are held in a range of settings - schools, community centres, church halls, [ ... ]  

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Storysacks - reading promotion in the UK

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / assets / 0000 / 3210 / Story_sack_guide.pdf

Story sacks are a non-threatening way of encouraging parents and carers to start sharing stories with their children, especially those parents with little positive experience of books. A story sack is a large cloth bag containing a children`s book with supporting materials to stimulate reading activities. The sack contains soft toys of the book`s main characters, and props and scenery that parents and other adults can use with children to bring a book to life. The National Literacy Trust website provides [ ... ]  

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Early Reading Connects - Encouraging a love of language, stories and reading (UK)

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / earlyreadingconnects / index.html

Early Reading Connects is a National Liteacy Trust initiative designed to support early years practitioners in encouraging a love of stories and reading among the children in their care and their families. Based around the four guiding themes of the Early Years Foundation Stage, Early Reading Connects brings together easy-to-access resources and ideas from a wide range of early years organisations, settings and practitioners to help practitioners to:
- encourage a love of language, stories and reading [ ... ]  

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Reading promotion for boys and men

Dads and lads events use sport as the link

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / campaign / menandboys.html#lancashirelibraries

Lancashire Libraries held a Dads and Lads event at Skelmersdale sports centre to mark the culmination of a six-week scheme, which encouraged dads into their children`s nurseries. Top Tots involved ten fathers in each of ten nurseries competing in a sports and reading challenge with the top team being presented with a trophy. Posters, leaflets and bookmarks were then produced for an expansion of the scheme to KS1 boys. `Howzat!`, another innovative scheme used cricket to `hook` dads and lads into reading, [ ... ]  

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Reading promotion and sport

Playing for Success - Reading motivation through sport (UK)

http: / / www.pfscentres.com /

Playing for Success (PfS) is a partnership between the Department for Education (DfE), local authorities and a broad range of sports. In all, 19 different sports are represented in PfS. Through Playing for Success, the DfE and partners are establishing study support centres within sports clubs’ grounds and sporting venues. Centres are vibrant, exciting and stimulating places for young people to learn. Students at the centres get up to speed in the key skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT – the foundation [ ... ]  

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Ideas to Link Reading and Sport (UK)

http: / / www.wikireadia.org.uk / index.php?title=Ideas_to_Link_Reading_and_Sport

The National Literacy Trust, UK, created this Wiki on reading project on the occasion of the National Year of Reading, wherein it provides project ideas for linking sports with reading, thus inspiring particularly boys to read. 

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