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Promoting Reading in Argentina

Reading Foundation Argentina

http: / / www.leer.org.ar

The Fundación Leer is a privatle foundation dedicated to promoting literacy in Argentina. To this purpose, it has subscribed to the US-American Reading is Fun Inc. programme- the foundation offers support, training and materials for teaching children to read, by networking communities, schools, hospitals etc. 

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Reading projects of the Fundación Leer

Eloisa Cartonera - alternative publisher in Buenos Aires

http: / / www.eloisacartonera.com.ar / ENGversion.html

“Eloisa Cartonera“ is an alternative publisher in Buenos Aires that produces books using an old printing machine, a photocopier, glue and cardboard boxes.
Since an economic crisis in 2001, Argentina has experienced hard times. Book prizes have risen – many Argentinians cannot afford to buy books, many of which cost 70 pesos and more.
The publishing house, founded in 2003 in the aftermath of the economic crisis, is a cooperative enterprise. “Eloisa Cartonera“ produces ca. 5,000 books per [ ... ]  

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