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Reading promotion for families


Home Instruction for Parents and Pre-School Youngsters (HIPPY)

HIPPY International is a program that aims at making an easier transition from the home environment to school for pre-school children. It is aimed at parents of three, four and five-year olds and is meant to help them strengthen their children at various levels and to prepare them for life during and after school.

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Study on Reading Aloud 2012

Representative survey - digital media open new opportunities for reading aloud

On 30 October 2012, the representative study Digital reading products – new incentives for reading aloud? conducted by the weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT, Stiftung Lesen and Deutsche Bahn was released in Berlin. The findings were presented by Dr. Jürgen Grube, Chairman and CEO of Deutsche Bahn AG, Moritz Müller-Wirth, deputy editor-in-chief and features editor of DIE ZEIT, Dr. Jörg F. Maas, Managing Director of Stiftung Lesen, and Dr. Simone C. Ehmig, Head of Institute for Research on Reading and Media of Stiftung Lesen. The presentation of the study also comprised the launch of the 9th National Reading Aloud Day that will take place on 16 November 2012.

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My Daddy Reads To Me!

The project Mein Papa liest vor! (My daddy reads to me!) addresses working fathers of children aged from being a baby to twelve years. The project aims to allow the fathers to make a stronger appearance as reading role models, taking up on their responsibility as reading fathers. The initiators Stiftung Lesen thus react upon findings from contemporary studies on reading out aloud, where merely 8 percent of the interviewed children claimed their fathers read to them on a regular basis.

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Some more champions in London

Peer volunteers positively impact family literacy

An evaluation report published by the National Literacy Trust indicates that peer volunteers improve how parents support their children’s literacy and language development. As part of the project London Literacy Champions, nearly 500 community volunteers worked with over 1500 families from 20 London boroughs from June 2011 to July 2012.

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National Center for Family Literacy, USA

The ability to read is the key to success. Children learn this most of all within the familiar home environment. This is the foundation stone for educational and economic success. The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) works on the basis of this fact and supports the promotion of literacy and numeracy skills.

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Premier League Reading Stars - Football-themed literacy project

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / premier_league_reading_stars /

National-Literacy-Trust-logoPremier League Reading Stars is a football-themed literacy project run by UK charity the National Literacy Trust. The project works with specially selected schools to reach primary school pupils who are not reaching the expected levels in literacy for their age. By tapping into pupils` enthusiasm for football, [ ... ]  

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“Bookbug“ reading promotion for babies and infants in Scotland

http: / / www.scottishbooktrust.com / babies-early-years / about

Bookbug-logoScottish Book Trust run the “Bookbug“ programme, which is intended to give all children in Scotland a lifelong love of books. An early contact with books facilitates early literacy and an enjoyment of books and reading.
“Bookbug“ unites different concepts promoting reading in various age groups. For instance, children are given [ ... ]  

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“Läsglädje för livet“ in Sweden

http: / / www.ljusdal.se / invanare / kultur / bibliotek / lasgladjeforlivet.4.7dc1fbfc1163be5d00780001305.html

“Läsglädje för livet“ (Joy of reading for life) is a collaborative project by “Ljusdal kommunbibliotek“ (main manager), “Ljusdal municipality“, “Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan“ and the health centre in Norra Hälingland: books and book packages targeting specific age groups are distributed to babies, infants and preschoolers. This long-term project has been running since 1993.
Babies: New-born babies or newly adopted children receive a book in their first year: “Barnens första bok“ is distributed [ ... ]  

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Bookstart in Denmark

http: / / www.bibliotekogmedier.dk / english / bookstart-program /

Logo_Bogstart“Bogstart“ (Bookstart) is a project that focuses on delivering book packages to babies and infants in disadvantaged regions, facilitating better access to children’s literature and reading. The state co-ordinating office at the Ministry of Culture, “Styrelsen for Bibliotek og Medier“ in Copenhagen, has organized this [ ... ]  

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“Tiempo Oportuno para Leer” - Reading carts for Colombian children

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=7

The project is motivated by the idea of enabling children at all ages free access to books – regardless of their social background and height! A “reading cart” allows even very small children to reach out to books . The children can take the books out of the cart themselves, and owing to its wheels, push it anywhere they like. Such carts are provided to kindergartens and community centres, as well as to 26 000 participating families and their private gardens. The mobility of the cart and its [ ... ]  

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“PCI-Morrales de lectura” - Reading bags for families in Colombia

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_contenido=5

The programme targets mostly socially deprived families living and working in rural areas, enabling and facilitating their access to literature. Since 2006, “Fundalectura”, “la Agencia Presidencial para la Cooperación Internacional” (office for international cooperation) and “Acción Social” (social action campaign), have jointly organised the initiative and implemented its five components:
1. Equipment: Each participant receives a shoulder-bag filled with books covering [ ... ]  

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Family Literacy Day in Canada

http: / / abclifeliteracy.ca / en / family-literacy-day

Family Literacy Day is an initiative by ABC Life Literacy Canada and it has been organised since 1999. Each year, Family Literacy Day is held on January 27. Many actvities in libraries, schools and homes mark reading in the family and related activities, joined by thousands of people in Canada. Robert Munsch, the bestselling children’s book author in Canada, has been patron of the events since 2003. In 2010, for instance, a competition was launched for families to win a home visit and local public [ ... ]  

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„Muro’s reading room“ for children and young people in Slovakia

http: / / www.murovacitaren.sk /

„Muro’s reading room“ is an online portal for children and young people in Slovakia, presenting children’s and youth books. Muro, a tom cat, is a real book lover who would rather read than catch mice, and he regularly browses the book market for new titles.
The online portal presents these (newly released) children’s books by age groups or topics, and young readers can exchange their ideas in a discussion forum. Moreover, „Muro’s reading room” presents information regarding reading promotion projects [ ... ]  

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„Get into the library“ - national campaign in Slovakia

http: / / www.dokniznice.sk /

„Get into the library“ („Do knižnice“) is a national campaign aiming to raise the popularity of libraries with children, and motivating them to read. Diverse campaigns target children and young people, from infants to adolescents.
The „counting action“, for instance, addresses younger children at primary school age: they are to count the number of books in their homes and jot them down with an adult’s assistance (books on loan, academic titles and brochures do not count). The list of books and [ ... ]  

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„Duffy – Books in Homes“ in New Zealand

http: / / www.booksinhomes.org.nz /

The „Duffy Books in Homes“ charity was established in 1995 and since its inception, it has provided more than 100 000 children from ca. 550 schools with at least five books a year each. Duffy focuses on those schools that, according to census statistics, are attended by particularly deprived children. The Duffy mission is to inspire children with a love of books and reading, by book ownership, and thus foster their communicative skills. Books are selected from catalogues subject to meetings of Duffy [ ... ]  

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„Indigenous Literacy Project“ in Australia

http: / / www.indigenousliteracyproject.org.au

The Indigenous Literacy Project (ILP) aims to increase the reading abilities and thus improve the lives of indigenous people in remote areas in Australia. ILP particularly targets school children and infants: The project provides books and other resources and aims to foster public awareness regarding the literacy skills of indigenous people.
ILP is subject to a co-operation of the Australian Book Industry and the Fred Hollows Foundation, which also collaborates with the Australian Bookseller [ ... ]  

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“Give me a story“ -Family Literacy Project in Switzerland

http: / / www.sikjm.ch / d / lesefoerderung / projekte / family_literacy.html

Logo-Family-LiteracyThe family literacy project by the Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media aims to empower young children aged two to five years from migrant backgrounds by supporting their parents and motivating them to ttell stories in their native language. The families regularly meet reading animators, they tell stories, look at picture books, play rhyming [ ... ]  

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Storysacks - reading promotion in the UK

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / assets / 0000 / 3210 / Story_sack_guide.pdf

Story sacks are a non-threatening way of encouraging parents and carers to start sharing stories with their children, especially those parents with little positive experience of books. A story sack is a large cloth bag containing a children`s book with supporting materials to stimulate reading activities. The sack contains soft toys of the book`s main characters, and props and scenery that parents and other adults can use with children to bring a book to life. The National Literacy Trust website provides [ ... ]  

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National Young Readers` Programme (United Kingdom)

http: / / www.rif.org.uk

The National Young Readers’ Programme (formerly “Reading is Fundamental UK“) is the national programme that the National Literacy Trust uses to motivate disadvantaged children and young people to read for pleasure. NYRP helps children and young people to acquire the skills they need to develop as a reader, from knowing how to choose a book that engages them, to where they can find books once the project is over. 

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Read before Reading (Portugal)

http: / / www.planonacionaldeleitura.gov.pt / index.php?s=textos & pid=2131 & fpid=2151 & tab1id=0 & tab2id=0


The National Reading Plan Commission of Portugal signs responsible for this project, which aims to familiarise children under six years of age with reading, by activities including reading in pairs, showing picture books, etc.


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