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How Copy Shops Make Up For Lack of Books

30 percent of students in South Africa appear to have no adequate access to textbooks they desperately need for school. According to an article in the South African Mail and Guardian, educational publishers think reasons are mainly because of a poor infrastructure with regard to libraries and traditional book distribution in rural areas. But it is not only textbooks. Social entrepreneur Arthur Attwell claims on his blog that indeed most South Africans do not own a book their entire lives.

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Goethe-Institut's Library Bus on Its Way to Nile Delta

If you are going to school in Egypt and the next big city is far away you may have trouble finding good books. This is why the Goethe-Institut Cairo has started its Library Bus to give kids and teens the opportunity of diving into the exciting and fantastic world of books. So far the bus visits schools and social clubs in the Nile delta, packed with books for children and youths in Arabic and Haytham Shokry, project manager and storyteller.

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Teaching Students to Distinguish Fact From Fiction

Promoting reading might just be the first step in literacy work. Learning to read – critically – might be the next crucial step as we all seem to be bombarded by news, information, opinions, advertisements, PR and misinformation many hours per day via websites, blogs, social networks, television, radio, print and other media.

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Conversations With a Book

Prejudices, stereotypes and preconceived notions about those who appear to be different to us have most likely always been part of human communities, often resulting in fear, hate and violence. What can be done about it?

In 2000, the non-governmental group Stop The Violence in Denmark had a great idea. They set up a Human Library with books at the Roskilde music festival in order to challenge prejudices and promote dialogue and understanding among festival visitors. The Roskilde festival is Northern Europes biggest summer festival.

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More and Better Readers Through Viva Leer

Creer más y mejores lectores – creating more readers with better reading skills, this is what the initiative Viva leer considers as its task. The work of the organisation based in Chile is grounded on several approaches.

The most important approach is the founding and endowment of 75 libraries. If they satisfy the criteria, public schools and educational institutions can apply for the establishment of a library. The organisation was able to set up 15 new libraries in 2011. A further 15 schools have also been chosen for 2012. The first library was opened in 2008 in Cabulco.

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Books Build Bridges

The project Bücher schlagen Brücken (Books build bridges) brings young and elderly people in the German federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia together. Books serve as a tool to connect young and old, providing an opportunity to spend time together and to talk with each other.

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Magazines Into Schools

What do magazines such as Auto Motor Sport, Geo, Popcorn and Neon have in common? Together with approximately 30 other cutting edge titles, these magazines will invite students in secondary schools all over Germany to browse, right after the Easter holidays!

The project Zeitschriften in die Schulen (Getting magazines into schools) brings together an enjoyment of reading and its promotion. It is now launched for the eighth time, following a joint initiative by Stiftung Presse-Grosso, Stiftung Lesen and the German press wholesalers together with the Verband Deutscher Zeitschriftenverleger (Association of German newspaper publishers).

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Stiftung Lesen Reading Clubs

Stiftung Lesen’s reading clubs aim to support reading competence and language acquisition as well as reading motivation and media competence. Reading clubs are meeting points in schools, libraries and other institutions where children and teenagers can meet in their leisure time to read, play, do handicrafts, to talk or just to ‘escape’ for a while from their everyday school life or their homes.

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Reading Scouts

How do you awake the joy of reading among pupils? That is the job of a special group of distributors - other pupils trained as Reading Scouts - who pass on their joy of reading to others. The project makes use of the ‘Peer Review’, which has much more persuasive powers to children and teenagers of similar age groups, in communication with each other.

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The Banco de Libro in Venezuela

Venezuela’s Banco del Libro is a non-profit organization which devotes itself not only to the promotion of reading among children and adolescents, but also to research, the publication of books and educational programs for children’s and young adults’ literature. The organization served as a standard model for Fundalectura in Colombia and the Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation in Spain. However, the whole range of activities takes place not only in Venezuela, but also to a certain extent, throughout Latin America.

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Expert workshop: The future of reading

Expert workshop of the German reading foundation Stifung Lesen in Berlin on 5 and 6 June 2012.

This year’s expert workshop of the Stiftung Lesen which took place in Berlin on 5 and 6 June 2012 focused on the issue of the future of reading.

What does ‘reading’ mean today? Which effects do digitisation and demographic change have on the media and reading socialisation of children and adolescents, and thus also on reading promotion?

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Servicio de Orientacíon de Lectura (SOL)

The Servicio de Orientacíon de Lectura is an initiative of the Federation of Committees of Spanish Publishing Houses, which together with the Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation, and in collaboration with the Dirección General del Libro, the library archives of the Ministry of Education, gave birth to this concept.

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Encouraging Boys to Read

Guys Read is an internet platform that is intended to encourage boys to read. Scientific studies show that boys especially have trouble with reading and are hard to motivate, and that over time, their reading skills can even deteriorate.

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Reading Campaign María Moliner

The aim of the project Campaña de Animación a la Lectura María Moliner is to promote reading in communities with fewer than 50,000 inhabitants. For this, local projects and activities are being designed. These are supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces and the Coca-Cola Juan Manuel Sáinz de Vicuña Foundation. The project includes all community members, but focuses particularly on encouraging children and teenagers to begin reading at an early stage.

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Reading and Learning Rooms in Capetonian township

In summer 2010, Reading and Learning Rooms were established in the South African town Mfuleni, a township in Cape Town. The rooms offer pupils the possibility to participate in workshops on various topics and read books and learning material or work on computers after school.

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Non-use of public libraries in Germany

Aquaintance to libraries during childhood seems to be important

The German reading foundation Stiftung Lesen and the German Library Association have released a representative telephone survey on the reasons for the non-use of public libraries. For the first time, it has been examined why adolescents and adults do not - or no longer - use city or municipal libraries (university and school libraries have not been taken into account).

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Reading Study 2011

The importance of reading for the development of children

The German reading foundation Stiftung Lesen* has released a representative study on the effects of reading to children (November 2011). The core question of this study is: Which influence does reading to children have on their development? Five hundred 10 to 19-year-olds have been surveyed.

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Potential of e-readers

With the use of e-readers, reading becomes more appealing for children and teenagers.

This is one of the major findings of a study conducted in 2011 by the German reading foundation Stiftung Lesen on the Potential of E-Readers in the Promotion of Reading. The study clearly shows that the use of e-readers lowers the inhibition threshold for the first contact with books.

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“Salão FNLIJ do Livro para Crianças e Jovens” - Book salon for children and youths in Rio de Janeiro

http: / / www.fnlij.org.br / principal.asp?cod_mat=33 & cod_menu=400

Since 1999, “Fundação Nacional do Livro Infantil e Juvenil – FNLIJ ” (National Foundation for Child and Youth Books) has organised an annual two-week “S alão do Livro para Crianças e Jovens” (Book salon for children and youths). For a decade, the museum of modern art in Rio de Janeiro hosted this event , but since 2010, “Centro Cultural da Ação e da Cidadania” (Cultural centre for civic participation) in the harbor quarters of Rio de Janeiro has been the venue.
On the occasion, the pleasure of [ ... ]  

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Premier League Reading Stars - Football-themed literacy project

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / premier_league_reading_stars /

National-Literacy-Trust-logoPremier League Reading Stars is a football-themed literacy project run by UK charity the National Literacy Trust. The project works with specially selected schools to reach primary school pupils who are not reaching the expected levels in literacy for their age. By tapping into pupils` enthusiasm for football, [ ... ]  

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“Vi læser for livet“ Cross-curricular reading promotion in Denmark

http: / / www.dlf.org / undervisning / vi+l%c3%a6ser+for+livet / om+l%c3%a6seprojektet

Logo_Vi_laeser_for_livet “Vi læser for livet” (Reading for life) is a project run by the Danish Teacher Association “Danmarks Lærerforening (DLF)”. The idea of subject-related reading and writing, primarily in lower secondary school, is essential for this reading project.
Many students leave school without having acquired [ ... ]  

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“Caravane du Livre” - Caravan of Books in Morocco

http: / / www.jamila-hassoune.ma / caravane / index.html

The “Caravane du Livre” (Caravan of Books) in Morocco was preceded by the “Caravane Civique” initiated in 1993 by bookseller Jamila Hassoune (Librairie Hassoune in Marrakesh) and sociologist-author Fatema Mernissi (citizens’ caravan), This service offered literature and writing workshops, while the “Caravane du Livre” was founded in 2006 by Jamila Hassoune to provide young people in rural communities near Marrakesh with access to education and knowledge, inspiring creative and critical minds. This mobile [ ... ]  

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“Caravane du Livre et de la Lecture” – Book and reading caravan

http: / / www.librairesfrancophones.org / rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=321

Poster_Caravane_du_livreThe organisation “Association Internationale des Libraires Francophones” (International Organisation of French language booksellers) was founded in 2002, networking more than 80 retailers from French-speaking countries worldwide, has organised a caravan of books and reading in several [ ... ]  

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“ZiS-Zeitungsprojekt & ZiS Zeitungsvergleich” Newspaper subscriptions for classrooms in Austria

http: / / www.zis.at / index.aspx?id=5

ZiS-newspaper-comparison-projectThe development of media and reading literacy in young people requires the ability to order and assess high-quality journalism and information from different newspaper sources. The organisation “ZiS-Zeitung in der Schule” (Newspapers in Schools) collaborates with publishing houses and thus offers a [ ... ]  

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“Newspaper ahoi” – A newspaper workshop for lower secondary schools in Austria

http: / / www.zis.at / index.aspx?id=251

ZiS-project-Newspaper-ahoiReading newspapers means more than just reading. Reading newspapers means to deal with contents critically and to approach topics with a critical mind, to take new perspectives into account as well as to seek entertainment. The students thus raise their media literacy and reading competencies and they discover the [ ... ]  

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“Il Giralibro” - Reading promotion project in Italy

http: / / www.giralibro.it /

Logo_Il_Giralibro“Il Giralibro” (book distributor) is a nation-wide initiative carried out by the organisation “Associazione per la lettura Giovanni Enriques” founded in 1994 (Reading Organisation Giovanni Enriques) targeting the promotion of reading among children aged between 10 and 14 years – by setting up small school libraries in all kinds of towns. To [ ... ]  

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The “reading bug” infects children with a reading virus - Switzerlan

http: / / www.sikjm.ch / d / ? / d / lesefoerderung / projekte / lesebazillus.html

The “reading bug” infects children with a reading virus: two backpacks containing thirty books (ranging from thin magazines to thick-volume fantasy tales) make their journey from one classroom to the next. The teacher secretly appoints two of the books to be “infected”. Whoever has caught on and is infected, can now set out on a journey and infect [ ... ]  

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“Reading Matters” – recommendations for young people (Switzerland

http: / / www.sikjm.ch / d / lesefoerderung / projekte / sachbuch-empfehlung.html

It is difficult to make the right choice among the vast amount of non-fiction literature for young people who have many questions but little experience in reading. The list of recommended titles, “Zur Sache: Lesen!” (Reading Matters) contains non-fiction titles and suggestions on other media, suitable for disadvantaged students aged between 12 and 14 years. This list is supplemented by a brochure listing didactic information on working with non-fictional texts, and related reading suggestions. A list of [ ... ]  

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Nordisk Projektbank - Database for literacy promotion projects in the Nordic countries

http: / / www.humaniora.sdu.dk / boernesprog / nordiskprojektbank / web /

Nordisk Projektbank aims to deliver educators and teachers with a comprehensive information system regarding literacy promotion projects in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It comprises projects relating to infants, pre-school and school children as well as young people in vocational education, reaching from local projects based in communities to research studies with an international scope. Apart from enabling the professionals in reading, writing and language education to [ ... ]  

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Promoting reading in rural areas in China

http: / / www.lsc.org.cn / CN / index.html

Rural areas in China lack an adequate access to books: the Society of Libraries in the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Centre for Distance Studies have conjoined to remedy this situation, in a one-year project (April 2010 until April 2011).
The project will also target participants from the distance study courses (agriculture) to serve as multipliers. They will promote agricultural science in their local communities.
The project is methodologically monitored by a study that is [ ... ]  

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„Muro’s reading room“ for children and young people in Slovakia

http: / / www.murovacitaren.sk /

„Muro’s reading room“ is an online portal for children and young people in Slovakia, presenting children’s and youth books. Muro, a tom cat, is a real book lover who would rather read than catch mice, and he regularly browses the book market for new titles.
The online portal presents these (newly released) children’s books by age groups or topics, and young readers can exchange their ideas in a discussion forum. Moreover, „Muro’s reading room” presents information regarding reading promotion projects [ ... ]  

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„Get into the library“ - national campaign in Slovakia

http: / / www.dokniznice.sk /

„Get into the library“ („Do knižnice“) is a national campaign aiming to raise the popularity of libraries with children, and motivating them to read. Diverse campaigns target children and young people, from infants to adolescents.
The „counting action“, for instance, addresses younger children at primary school age: they are to count the number of books in their homes and jot them down with an adult’s assistance (books on loan, academic titles and brochures do not count). The list of books and [ ... ]  

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„Rein tekst“ - Campaign for young people in Norway

http: / / www.txt.no /

„Rein tekst“ is a campaign for young people aged 16 to 19 years, in highschools in Norway. Participating students are offered new and exciting reading experiences. In 2004, the campaign was launched by „Foreningen !les“ amd it has since become an annual event, with meanwhile roughly 60 000 participants. „Rein tekst“ is thus the greatest reading action campaign for this particular target group in Norway. „Foreningen !les“ publishes a book containing excerpts from contemporary Norwegian literature and [ ... ]  

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„Idrett og lesing“ - Sport and Reading in Norway

http: / / bokpallen.no / index.php?option=com_content & task=view & id=561 & Itemid=79

Sport and Reading was a three year project by The Association Read funded by The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority (now the National Library of Norway) and Arts Council Norway. The main objective was to bring literature into the sport field to create a joy for reading among athletes in different sport sections including mass and elite sports. Key persons in the project were librarians. Equipped with book bags from The Association Read they visited teams and clubs before or after training [ ... ]  

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„Aksjon tXt“ - Reading campaign for Norwegian youths

http: / / www.foreningenles.no / index.php?option=com_content & view=article & id=80 & Itemid=73

tXt was established in 1997 and is the biggest and oldest reading campaign for Norwegian youths between 13-16 years old. Together with an individual share from The Association Read the campaign has until this day been supported by the Norwegian Centre for Arts and Culture in Education. The time period of the campaign lasts from August to December each year. The main objectives are to create and develop a greater engagement for reading and a positive attitude towards literature among pupils in middle [ ... ]  

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Poetry Slam in Norway

http: / / www.poesislam.no /

Poetry Slam is a contest which blends poetry, hip-hop-battle, theater sport and performance. The participants are judged on the background of the content of their lyrics and their performing skills. Semi-finals are arranged at literature festivals around in Norway hosted by local representatives. The Master of Poetry Slam is acclaimed after an exciting final at the House of Literature in Oslo in November every year. 

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Youth book prize „UPrisen“ in Norway

http: / / www.uprisen.no /

The youth book prize „UPrisen“ was launched in 2007 in cooperation with the Norwegian literature festival in Lillehammer. Young students select the best youth book from a prepared list each year. In 2009, seven ninth year classes from different regions in Norway took part. A jury of adult experts pre-selects the five best youth books from the youth books published in the past year. The classes comprising the final jury read these books and vote the favourite title. The author of the „best book“ is awarded [ ... ]  

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Young people’s literature award, Norway

http: / / www.foreningenles.no / index.php?option=com_content & view=section & layout=blog & id=12 & Itemid=78

The Young Critics Award in Norway targets secondary school students. On the one hand, it intends to give incentives to contemporary literature, while on the other hand, young people and the general public are motivated to read. Selected secondary school classes in Norway choose the best Norwegian book. The award is subject to a cooperation of the Critics Association, publishing houses, the education directorate (Utdanningsdirektoratet, Utdanningsforbundet, Norsk Kritikerlag and norske [ ... ]  

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„Duffy – Books in Homes“ in New Zealand

http: / / www.booksinhomes.org.nz /

The „Duffy Books in Homes“ charity was established in 1995 and since its inception, it has provided more than 100 000 children from ca. 550 schools with at least five books a year each. Duffy focuses on those schools that, according to census statistics, are attended by particularly deprived children. The Duffy mission is to inspire children with a love of books and reading, by book ownership, and thus foster their communicative skills. Books are selected from catalogues subject to meetings of Duffy [ ... ]  

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“Fahrenheit451” - Project for teenagers in Belgium

http: / / www.fahrenheit451.be /

Fahrenheit451“Fahrenheit451” is a project for teenagers aged 15 and older, in vocational and technical education. These young people are reluctant readers, so “Stichting Lezen Flanders” approach them via their own world of interest to entice them to read. By using the electronic search engine (www.boekenzoeker.org), they can access hundreds of titles they may be curious about.  

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“Turn the volume on and open your book” - Listening and reading project (Switzerland)

http: / / www.sikjm.ch / d / lesefoerderung / projekte / tonab_buchauf.html

Swiss_listening_and_reading_projectA project by the Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media aimed at inspiring children to read; reading is made easier by listening to the beginning of a story. A set of 30 books and 10 mp3-players is delivered to the participating classes. The children will initially listen to a story that is interrupted with a cliffhanger so that they will be [ ... ]  

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Jurong Regional Library

http: / / infopedia.nlb.gov.sg / details / SIP_435_2005-01-17.html

The website offers a description of the Jurong Regional Library in Western Singapore, one of the largest regional libraries in the country, which offers a special library service to teenagers. Including location dates. 

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Tu Czytamy! - Poland

http: / / www.instytutksiazki.pl / pl,tc,index.php

The programme “Tu Czytamy“ consists of a number of measures targeting schools, libraries and non-governmental organisations. Its activities include educational programmes and the promotion of contemporary Polish youth literature, preparing and publishing a Polish literature atlas and organising book discussion clubs. The annual literature festival cycle “Four Seasons“ is part of its programme.  

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Reading is a Sport (Portugal)

http: / / www.planonacionaldeleitura.gov.pt / index.php?s=textos & pid=2131 & fpid=2151 & tab1id=0 & tab2id=0

The project, conducted by the National Reading Plan, aims to activate an interest in reading by means of workshops, addressing 13- to 18-year old adolescents. It focuses on a fun-centered approach including the creation of cartoons, drama, intercultural action. Special offerings are made for children with visual or motor disabilities. 

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Weblog: Library@orchard - Singapur

http: / / blogs.nlb.gov.sg / orchard /

Library@orchard is a national reading campaign addressing the age group of 18 to 35 year-olds, successful urban people. The library is situated in a shopping mall frequently visited by the target group and media such as cartoons (and te Internet) are used to render reading attractive. 

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Read it before Hollywood does (posters as an incentive to reading) -Czech Republic

http: / / knihovnam.nkp.cz / english / sekce.php3?page=05_Reading.htm

“Read it before Hollywood does“… because once the screen adaptation has been shown, you may not recognize the Original – the novel itself. Under the above slogan, the Association of Library and Information Professionals of the Czech Republic have produced a series of three posters to support reading and advertise library services. The posters evoke the amusing contrast between the classic title - The Old Man and the Sea, Jane Eyre, Crime and Punishment - and the visualization resulting from the Hollywood [ ... ]  

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Headspace Programme (promoting reading in the UK)

http: / / www.readingagency.org.uk / young / headspace /

HeadSpace is the library space designed by young people where they can read, meet and volunteer. Over 3,500 young people have already been involved in HeadSpace activities. The HeadSpace network is continuing to grow. If you are a library or school considering a library refurbishment or development and would like to involve young people contact Claire Styles for more information. 

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Way Ahead - reaching out to disaffected youth (reading project, UK)

http: / / www.nationalliteracytrust.net / campaign / youth.html#Leeds

Leeds Libraries received funding to launch `Way Ahead`. This was a reader development programme focusing on 16 to 19-year-old non-library users living in inner city Leeds, an area suffering from a multitude of issues such as high crime rates, unemployment and poverty. A series of creative activities and events were employed to encourage young people to use the libraries and become active participants in the literal life of the city. The project worked with young people to develop specialist reader-centred [ ... ]  

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Playing for Success - Reading motivation through sport (UK)

http: / / www.pfscentres.com /

Playing for Success (PfS) is a partnership between the Department for Education (DfE), local authorities and a broad range of sports. In all, 19 different sports are represented in PfS. Through Playing for Success, the DfE and partners are establishing study support centres within sports clubs’ grounds and sporting venues. Centres are vibrant, exciting and stimulating places for young people to learn. Students at the centres get up to speed in the key skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT – the foundation [ ... ]  

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Reading The Game (reading promotion in the UK)

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / Football / index.html

Reading The Game (RTG) is an initiative run by the National Literacy Trust which works to promote reading, writing, and speaking and listening for all ages through the motivational power of sport The project has ben in existence since 2002: major football clubs are supported in motivating their fans to read. The positive asocation with the sport is thus beneficial to the youths` attitude toward reading and books.- National Liteacy Tust project. 

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Reading Mentors (UK)

http: / / www.nationalliteracytrust.net / campaign / youth.html#Canterbury

This scheme was set up by the Norwood Achievement Partnership, to encourage girls of 12 and 13 with a reading age of 9 or below. They are trained in the mechanics of teaching basic reading skills, then visit the local St. Luke`s Primary School, where they mentor five and six-year-olds. The mentors attend one lunch-time a week, alternating between visiting St. Lukes, and staying to be taught new words and phrases, play word games and read stories. The average after-project improvement in reading age is one [ ... ]  

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Readers Are Leaders - US reading programme

http: / / www.everybodywins.org / index.php? / weblog / 2_programs_readers_are_leaders /

A one-on-one literacy and mentoring programme by EVERYBODY WINS, `Readers Are Leaders` matches older students with younger students for weekly one hour read-aloud sessions. Like Power Lunch, it operates during lunchtime. Offered in select cities, Readers Are Leaders focuses on fostering the enjoyment of reading among all participating students. Kindergarten and 1st grade student mentees benefit from bolstered reading skills and confidence. By engaging 7th and 8th graders as mentors for their younger [ ... ]  

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The ADORE-Project, Teaching Struggling Adolescent Readers – A Comparative Study of Good Practices in European Countries, was funded from 2006 to 2009 as part of the Socrates Programme of the European Commission. The ADORE-Project has investigated the reading instruction for

adolescent readers in 11 European countries and searched for examples of “good practice” in the enhancement of these students. The participants of this project were readingexperts

from universities and teacher-training-institutions from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania and Switzerland.

Target Group:Youth;  
Internet:http: / / www.alinet.eu / index.php?option=com_content & view=article & id=4 & Itemid=4



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