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How Books Help to Open Up the Mind

Born and raised in Hunan, China, Lisa Bu emigrated to the United States where she started a new life. In her talk with the now famous TED Talks initiative, she reveals how her love for books and reading helped her to open her mind and to find a place and role she liked in a new world.

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Becoming a Literate Adult on the Fast Track in India

According to the CIA World Fact Book, 73 per cent of men and only 48 per cent of women in India above the age of 15 can read and write. Being illiterate basically means no chance to escape from poverty, learn vocational skills and create a viable income.

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The Power of Poems in the Waiting Room

People in a waiting room oscillate somewhere between hope and depression. Poems may help to initiate positive emotions and healing.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote: "How much of human life is lost in waiting." This could not be more true than for people in a physician's waiting room. According to a survey, patients spend an average of 21 minutes waiting to see the doctor in the Unites States. But most people can tell stories of waiting for one hour and longer, even with an appointment.

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Buying Books for a Better World


What to do with textbooks after graduation? Some people try to sell them to a local academic bookstore for little money. Most people simply throw them away. College friends Xavier, Kreece and Jeff had a better idea.

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The Underground New York Public Library


We are all fascinated by stories. Children love listening to stories. We love stories as adults. We love telling stories, and we all are involved in our very own stories, too. Stories transport cultural knowledge, give us advice, open up fresh perspectives and reveal meaning. We might identify with the stories' characters and relate to them. Also, stories serve to slip into another world for a short period of time, away from the "real" world we currently live in.

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Living with Books in Paris

“A socialist utopia covering as a bookshop“ – that is the way George Whitman used to describe the place he named Shakespeare and Company, a store near Notre Dame at the river Seine in Paris.

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Conversations With a Book

Prejudices, stereotypes and preconceived notions about those who appear to be different to us have most likely always been part of human communities, often resulting in fear, hate and violence. What can be done about it?

In 2000, the non-governmental group Stop The Violence in Denmark had a great idea. They set up a Human Library with books at the Roskilde music festival in order to challenge prejudices and promote dialogue and understanding among festival visitors. The Roskilde festival is Northern Europes biggest summer festival.

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More and Better Readers Through Viva Leer

Creer más y mejores lectores – creating more readers with better reading skills, this is what the initiative Viva leer considers as its task. The work of the organisation based in Chile is grounded on several approaches.

The most important approach is the founding and endowment of 75 libraries. If they satisfy the criteria, public schools and educational institutions can apply for the establishment of a library. The organisation was able to set up 15 new libraries in 2011. A further 15 schools have also been chosen for 2012. The first library was opened in 2008 in Cabulco.

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E-Readers Help Elderly in the Silver E-Read Project

A recent study undertaken by researchers from the German Johann Gutenberg University Mainz in collaboration with MVB Marketing- und Verlagsservice des Buchhandels GmbH found no disadvantages to reading from e-books compared to print publications, despite most participants subjectively preferred reading traditional books best.

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Children's Stories for Senior Readers

Elderly people are often confronted with mental health issues and isolation. Staff of an Australian archive for children’s literature came up with the idea to tackle these issues.

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Shared Reading for the Elderly in the UK

More and more people are getting older, quite a couple of them feeling alone or isolated, even while staying in dedicated senior homes. What is more, dementia is on the rise, too. The project Get Into Reading developed a literature-based intervention model tackling those issues. The main feature of this model is that literature is read aloud and shared by all participants. Get Into Reading emphasizes classic literature as a tool for offering models of human thinking and feeling.

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Books Build Bridges

The project Bücher schlagen Brücken (Books build bridges) brings young and elderly people in the German federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia together. Books serve as a tool to connect young and old, providing an opportunity to spend time together and to talk with each other.

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Non-use of public libraries in Germany

Aquaintance to libraries during childhood seems to be important

The German reading foundation Stiftung Lesen and the German Library Association have released a representative telephone survey on the reasons for the non-use of public libraries. For the first time, it has been examined why adolescents and adults do not - or no longer - use city or municipal libraries (university and school libraries have not been taken into account).

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Premier League Reading Stars - Football-themed literacy project

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / premier_league_reading_stars /

National-Literacy-Trust-logoPremier League Reading Stars is a football-themed literacy project run by UK charity the National Literacy Trust. The project works with specially selected schools to reach primary school pupils who are not reaching the expected levels in literacy for their age. By tapping into pupils` enthusiasm for football, [ ... ]  

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“Caravane du Livre” - Caravan of Books in Morocco

http: / / www.jamila-hassoune.ma / caravane / index.html

The “Caravane du Livre” (Caravan of Books) in Morocco was preceded by the “Caravane Civique” initiated in 1993 by bookseller Jamila Hassoune (Librairie Hassoune in Marrakesh) and sociologist-author Fatema Mernissi (citizens’ caravan), This service offered literature and writing workshops, while the “Caravane du Livre” was founded in 2006 by Jamila Hassoune to provide young people in rural communities near Marrakesh with access to education and knowledge, inspiring creative and critical minds. This mobile [ ... ]  

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“Caravane du Livre et de la Lecture” – Book and reading caravan

http: / / www.librairesfrancophones.org / rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=321

Poster_Caravane_du_livreThe organisation “Association Internationale des Libraires Francophones” (International Organisation of French language booksellers) was founded in 2002, networking more than 80 retailers from French-speaking countries worldwide, has organised a caravan of books and reading in several [ ... ]  

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Promoting reading in rural areas in China

http: / / www.lsc.org.cn / CN / index.html

Rural areas in China lack an adequate access to books: the Society of Libraries in the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Centre for Distance Studies have conjoined to remedy this situation, in a one-year project (April 2010 until April 2011).
The project will also target participants from the distance study courses (agriculture) to serve as multipliers. They will promote agricultural science in their local communities.
The project is methodologically monitored by a study that is [ ... ]  

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„Literacy Aotearoa“ in New Zealand

http: / / www.literacy.org.nz /

“Literacy Aotearoa“ is an organisation dedicated to promoting and monitoring developments in adult literacy and numeracy skills. “Aotearoa“ means “New Zealand” in Māori, the official national language next to English. The organisation endorses a holistic approach to literacy, encompassing basic educational skills in reading and writing, numeracy, cultural awareness and critical thinking. A network of many organisations in the field of adult literacy is active across the entire country, acting at [ ... ]  

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Australian Council for Adult Literacy (ACAL)

http: / / www.acal.edu.au /

The Australian Council for Adult Literacy (ACAL) supports adult literacy promotion. It thus provides a forum offering an opportunity for practical exchange, and the Council also supports research on adult literacy promotion. The ACAL website features a newsletter, the so-called Literacy Link, as well as the ACAL eNews, an electronic newsletter readers can subscribe to (back issues can be accessed). “Literacy Live“ offers a virtual conference room, and the domain of “Papers and Reports“ features [ ... ]  

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The „Reading Writing Hotline“ in Australia

http: / / www.literacyline.edu.au /

englisch (GS): The „Reading Writing Hotline“ offers a low threshold to adults in Australia who have reading or writing difficulties. Citizens can either contact the telephone hotline or access the website at www.literacyline.edu.au.
The „Reading Writing Hotline“ offers counselling to its callers regarding reading and writing skills and provides them with helpful addresses in their area. You can further obtain information for trainers in adult education, or learn about work-related [ ... ]  

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Singapore Literature Prize

http: / / www.bookcouncil.sg / _writers / singapore_lit_prize.php

The Singapore Literature Prize is a biennial competition organised by the National Book Development Council of Singapore. It aims to stimulate public interest and support for creative writing in Singapore as well as to promote the Singapore literary talent through due recognition to outstanding published works by Singapore authors in any of the four official languages: Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil.  

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Four Seasons Book Festival (Poland)

http: / / www.instytutksiazki.pl / pl,fk,index.php

The Festival “Four Seasons for Books“ is the greatest literature festival in Poland, which is conducted in several towns/cities. The following events are part of the Festival: Pora Poezji / Time for Poetry (February), POPLIT (April), Pora Prozy / Time for Prose (October), Pora Kryminalu / Crime Time (November). The Festival has, for instance, hosted Jonathan Caroll, Eduardo Mendoza, Boris Akunin, Alexandra Marinina, Michel Faber, V.S. Naipaul, Paul Lins. 

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A Book, A True Friend (Promoting Adult Reading in Portugal)

http: / / www.planonacionaldeleitura.gov.pt / index.php?s=textos & pid=2131 & fpid=2151 & tab1id=0 & tab2id=0

The project aims to improve the reading habits of (young) adults, e.g. university students, by a wide range of activities. These include creative writing courses, lectures, meetings with authors and illustrators, competitions, reading for aesthetic purposes. The poject is coordinated by National Reading Plan Commission – GDBL and performed by libraries and other community-based institutions.  

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The Story campaign - UK

http: / / www.theshortstory.org.uk

The short story website is dedicated to the literary form of short stories: it provides information about campaigns and competitions, short story awards and background information, as well as introducing short story writing techniques and offering award-winning stories for download. 

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The Vital Link (promoting adult literacy in the United Kingdom)

http: / / www.readingagency.org.uk / adults / the-vital-link-principles /

The Reading Agency in the United Kingdom is a charity that focuses on adult literacy and reading promotion programmes for adults. Amongst others, it cooperates with library associations and adult literacy providers in running “Vital Link”, targeting new adult library members and their literacy. “Vital Link” was originally a model project that was initially supported by the government and the National Literacy Trust. 

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