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Projects of the National Book Development Council of Singapore

Singapore Book Fair

http: / / www.bookfair.com.sg /

The Singapore Book Fair is an annual event held since 1969, which includes various activities such as lectures, dramatization, filmadaptations, role plays etc. These events are located at schools, libraries or the fair itself. 

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Singapore Literature Prize

http: / / www.bookcouncil.sg / _writers / singapore_lit_prize.php

The Singapore Literature Prize is a biennial competition organised by the National Book Development Council of Singapore. It aims to stimulate public interest and support for creative writing in Singapore as well as to promote the Singapore literary talent through due recognition to outstanding published works by Singapore authors in any of the four official languages: Chinese, English, Malay and Tamil.  

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Singapore Writers Centre

http: / / www.bookcouncil.sg / _writers / about_the_centre.php

The Singapore Writers Centre (SWC) has been providing consultation services to aspiring writers by answering their queries on writing and publishing and directing them to the relevant channels. SWC’s website carries online resources for writers, and an online Writers` Resource Kit which provides basic information for aspiring writers. This resource (also available as a hard copy) helps writers obtain comprehensive information on writing and publishing in the Singapore context. SWC also has a monthly [ ... ]  

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Asian Children’s Writers and Illustrators Conference - Singapore

http: / / www.bookcouncil.sg / _publishing / publishing_about.php

The Asian Children’s Writers and Illustrators (ACWIC) is an annual event that celebrates children’s books, provides access to children’s literature with Asian content and promotes the writing and publication of Asian children’s books. Writers, illustrators and publishers of Children’s Books from all over the world congregate in Singapore for ACWIC. ACWIC would like to be the catalyst for the inspiration of good Children’s books with an Asian content. This conference actively promotes and fosters the [ ... ]  

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Centre for Literary Arts and Publishing Singapore

http: / / www.bookcouncil.sg / _courses / courses_introduction.php

The Centre for Literary Arts and Publishing (CLAP) is the training arm of NBDCS. CLAP emphasises the importance of training to raise the professional standards of writers and the publishing industry. To that end, CLAP is committed to conduct workshops for skills upgrading. It collaborates with both local and foreign trainers so as to deliver quality training set against international standards while remaining relevant to the local context. 

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Singapore International Story Telling Festival

http: / / www.bookcouncil.sg / sisf

The annual Singapore International Story Telling Festival (SISF) is the only time of the year where outstanding storytellers from around the world gather in Singapore to celebrate storytelling – bringing to life tales old and new from diverse cultures. The goals of the SISF are to inform, entertain and enlighten people. A selection of the finest Singapore and international storytellers shares and teaches the various aspects of storytelling – in management, leadership, personal development, education, [ ... ]  

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Singapore Book Club

http: / / www.bookcouncil.sg / _writers / sg_book_club.php

The Singapore Book Club holds meetings on the third Friday of every other month for the public to share their views on a selected book. The focus is on books with a strong Singaporean flavour and it is hoped that the discussion group will foster public interest in the local literary and creative arts scene. Project by National Book Development Council.  

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