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Reading projects of the Polish Book Institute

Tu Czytamy! - Poland

http: / / www.instytutksiazki.pl / pl,tc,index.php

The programme “Tu Czytamy“ consists of a number of measures targeting schools, libraries and non-governmental organisations. Its activities include educational programmes and the promotion of contemporary Polish youth literature, preparing and publishing a Polish literature atlas and organising book discussion clubs. The annual literature festival cycle “Four Seasons“ is part of its programme.  

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Four Seasons Book Festival (Poland)

http: / / www.instytutksiazki.pl / pl,fk,index.php

The Festival “Four Seasons for Books“ is the greatest literature festival in Poland, which is conducted in several towns/cities. The following events are part of the Festival: Pora Poezji / Time for Poetry (February), POPLIT (April), Pora Prozy / Time for Prose (October), Pora Kryminalu / Crime Time (November). The Festival has, for instance, hosted Jonathan Caroll, Eduardo Mendoza, Boris Akunin, Alexandra Marinina, Michel Faber, V.S. Naipaul, Paul Lins. 

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The Polish-English “Found in Translation“ Award

http: / / www.bookinstitute.pl /

The “Found in Translation Award“ is newly awarded by the Polish Book Institute, the Polish Cultural Institute in London, the Polish Cultural Institute in New York and the W.A.B.-publishing house. It is handed out to one or more translators of Polish literature for the past year’s best translation into English. Der The prize consists of a diploma, a three-month stipend in Kraków and prize money that has been donated to the founders. A jury representing all of the three participating institutes decides upon [ ... ]  

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Children`s Literature Information Centre

http: / / www.instytutksiazki.pl / pl,kd,index.php

The Centre supports the dissemination of reading among the youngest in cooperation with children’s libraries and other institutions in Poland. Its main aim is to create databases and to provide information to researchers of children`s literature, translators, publishers, teachers and students.  

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Publishing Programme “New Books from Poland“

http: / / www.bookinstitute.pl /

The Book Institute publishes a catalogue „New Books from Poland” in two languages, English and German. The catalogues, which come each spring and fall, present the most interesting books of the last six months.  

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