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Education Worldwide

Promoting Reading in the United Kingdom for selected target groups

Babies, Infants, Families

“Bookbug“ reading promotion for babies and infants in Scotland

http: / / www.scottishbooktrust.com / babies-early-years / about

Bookbug-logoScottish Book Trust run the “Bookbug“ programme, which is intended to give all children in Scotland a lifelong love of books. An early contact with books facilitates early literacy and an enjoyment of books and reading.
“Bookbug“ unites different concepts promoting reading in various age groups. For instance, children are given [ ... ]  

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Children´s Poetry Bookshelf relaunched (United Kngdom)

http: / / www.childrenspoetrybookshelf.co.uk

The Children`s Poetry Bookshelf is a book club for young readers aged 7 - 11 dedicated entirely to poetry. The club offers resources to teachers, children, parents and libraries as well as inviting the children to join in poety reading and writing competitions. 

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Dolly Parton´s Imagination Library (USA,Canada,United Kingdom)

http: / / www.imaginationlibrary.com

In 1996, the US-American singer Dolly Parton launched the Dollywood Foundation and began funding library services for preschool children (Dolly`s Imagination Libraries), now in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom (since 2001). Each month, the enrolled children receive a book by mail on a rotation system: the Library thereby cooperates with communities for registering the children, a publisher and mail delivery service. In 2009 a total number of 1 068 communities participated, reaching out to nearly [ ... ]  

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Children, Youth and Adults

Newspapers for Schools in the UK

http: / / www.newspapersforschools.co.uk /

Newspapers are an invaluable source of inspiration for teachers and students. Over 50% of teachers use newspaper content on a weekly basis. On behalf of newspapers around the UK, the Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA) offers two services designed to make use of newspaper material as easy as possible in schools, whilst being fully compliant with copyright law.
1. Paper copying: A FREE licence available for schools in the UK, which permits them to copy news print.
2. News Library: An online service [ ... ]  

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Playing for Success - Reading motivation through sport (UK)

http: / / www.pfscentres.com /

Playing for Success (PfS) is a partnership between the Department for Education (DfE), local authorities and a broad range of sports. In all, 19 different sports are represented in PfS. Through Playing for Success, the DfE and partners are establishing study support centres within sports clubs’ grounds and sporting venues. Centres are vibrant, exciting and stimulating places for young people to learn. Students at the centres get up to speed in the key skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT – the foundation [ ... ]  

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The Power of Reading Project (CLPE)

http: / / www.clpe.co.uk / courses / powerofreading.html

The Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) has initiated the project “The Power of Reading“ for primary schools in Cumbria, United Kingdom. It fosters primary classroom level reading and encourages teachers to integrate children`s literature into lessons: a comprehensive collection of material is available for registered teachers online and further support is available for promoting and improving the literary competencies of young pupils. 

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Premier League Reading Stars - Football-themed literacy project

http: / / www.literacytrust.org.uk / premier_league_reading_stars /

National-Literacy-Trust-logoPremier League Reading Stars is a football-themed literacy project run by UK charity the National Literacy Trust. The project works with specially selected schools to reach primary school pupils who are not reaching the expected levels in literacy for their age. By tapping into pupils` enthusiasm for football, [ ... ]  

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For everyone

Ask Chris - Essex Libraries reading recommendation service (UK)

http: / / askchris.essexcc.gov.uk /

The Essex Libraries provide an online “readers` friend“ who knows the book for you and can give ideas about different types of reading no matter what your interests. `Ask Chris` is a powerful combination of reader-to-reader recommendation and library staff enthusiasm, balancing technology with the personal touch, i.e. an electronic recommendation system for library users in Essex.  

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The Reading Revolution on Merseyside, UK

A project with a large social outreach


The Reader Organisation, based on Merseyside, UK, wants to bring about a Reading Revolution. It works to maximise access to books and enjoyable shared reading to ensure that books do not remain on shelves, unread and ineffective but get into the hands of people who can really benefit from them. The leading social outreach project ‘Get Into Reading’ delivers weekly reading groups aiming to improve wellbeing, build community and extend reading enjoyment.
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