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Promoting Reading in Sweden for selected target groups

Babies, Infants, Children, Families

“Läsglädje för livet“ in Sweden

http: / / www.ljusdal.se / invanare / kultur / bibliotek / lasgladjeforlivet.4.7dc1fbfc1163be5d00780001305.html

“Läsglädje för livet“ (Joy of reading for life) is a collaborative project by “Ljusdal kommunbibliotek“ (main manager), “Ljusdal municipality“, “Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan“ and the health centre in Norra Hälingland: books and book packages targeting specific age groups are distributed to babies, infants and preschoolers. This long-term project has been running since 1993.
Babies: New-born babies or newly adopted children receive a book in their first year: “Barnens första bok“ is distributed [ ... ]  

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Infants, Children, Youth

The Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award

http: / / www.alma.se / default_a.aspx?id=247 & epslanguage=EN

Litteraturpriset_till_AstridAstrid Lindgren is Sweden’s favourite author and one of the world’s most popular writers of children’s books. She passed away in 2002 at the age of 94, but her stories will live forever. To honour her memory and promote children’s and youth literature around the world, the Swedish government has founded an international prize in her [ ... ]  

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The Swedish project “Läsconster“

http: / / laskonster.blogspot.com /

En_Bok_Åt_AllaThe Swedish Arts Council funds this project, which is co-ordinated by the regional library of Uppsala. “Läskonster“ intends to collaborate with libraries and other institutions towards setting up centres for the promotion of reading in Sweden. By close co-operation with other actors in the arts, culture and the media, these centres develop creative models for an [ ... ]  

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“En Bok åt alla” A book for every child

http: / / www.bokenisverige.se / sida.php?sida=english

En_Bok_Åt_AllaSince 1996 “Stiftelsen Boken i Sverige” (Swedish Book Foundation) has carried out the successful book project “En Bok åt alla – välj din egen önskebok” (One book for all - select your favourite book). Ca. 45,000 Swedish children and young people could select their personal favourite book. In Spring 2011, the project came to a close – but according to the Foundation, a [ ... ]  

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“Allas Barnbarn” - Reading promotion project in Sweden

http: / / www.allasbarnbarn.nu /

For more than ten years, the Swedish society “Riksföreningen för läsfrämjande generationsmöten i förskola och förskoleklass” (National Society for Promoting reading across generations, preschools) has initiated ”Allas barnbarn” (for each grandchild). In this reading promotion project, grandparents regularly read out aloud to preschool children, in preschools and libraries. “Riksföreningen Allas Barnbarn” coordinates and organises training sessions for the “sagoläsaren” (storytellers) and the children. [ ... ]  

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“Tidskriften i Skolan” - Magazines for Schools (Sweden)

http: / / sverigestidskrifter.se / for-larare /

“Tidskriften i Skolan” (Magazines for Schools) is a project offered to Swedish grammar school students. Each year in October, the biggest retailer of magazines in Sweden, “Sveriges Tidskrifter”, distributes packages of magazines to teachers, students and school libraries within the framework of “Tidskriftsfrossan” (magazines for browsing). These magazines can either be studied during lessons or read in the school library premises. Students and teachers are thus given an opportunity to browse magazines [ ... ]  

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