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Reading projects of the Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media


Alpha Award 2008 for the Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media SIKJM

Project “Schenk mir eine Geschichte – Family Literacy“

Reading animation in the intercultural library Basle

The Swiss committee for the prevention of functional illiteracy has awarded the Alpha award 2008 to a project supporting reading promotion in families with migrant backggrounds. Intercultural mediators organise parent and child meetings on a regular basis. Reading animations in different languages encourage and enable parents to contribute to the reading of their children in their own native languages in a considerable way.
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Swiss Bookstart project

http: / / www.buchstart.ch

Buchstart-SchweizThe Swiss project “Bookstart“ (Buchstart) views early language development as part of health development. Switzerland’s Bookstart aims to support all children born in Switzerland in their first year, and making the workld of books and knowledge accessible to them. Parents are made aware of how they can foster their child’s language and perception skills. Each child [ ... ]  

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“Give me a story“ -Family Literacy Project in Switzerland

http: / / www.sikjm.ch / d / lesefoerderung / projekte / family_literacy.html

Logo-Family-LiteracyThe family literacy project by the Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media aims to empower young children aged two to five years from migrant backgrounds by supporting their parents and motivating them to ttell stories in their native language. The families regularly meet reading animators, they tell stories, look at picture books, play rhyming [ ... ]  

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Caterpilar of books - promoting early reading in Switzerland

http: / / www.sikjm.ch / d / lesefoerderung / projekte / buecherraupe.html

Swiss_Caterpilar_of_booksThe caterpillar of books is a textile construction containing thirty thematic books, fiction and non-fiction, that can be borrowed by children at pre-school and first-year primary school level. The caterpillar project includes incentives for teachers and carers. The topic areas include colours, friendship, eating and drinking, starting school and many more. [ ... ]  

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Training course “ Reading animator SIKJM – early literacy promotion (Switzerland)

http: / / www.sikjm.ch / d / ? / d / lesefoerderung / projekte / leseanimation.html

Children who are familiarised with books at an early age, who can tell stories and experience a joy of reading and storytelling, find it easier to acquire reading competencies at school and develop a durable relation to reading. In this sense, reading begins with language learning by exchange with familiar persons. The Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media has hence developed a training course for reading animators. Course graduates can support staff members in playgroups, child day-care centres, [ ... ]  

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The “reading bug” infects children with a reading virus - Switzerlan

http: / / www.sikjm.ch / d / ? / d / lesefoerderung / projekte / lesebazillus.html

The “reading bug” infects children with a reading virus: two backpacks containing thirty books (ranging from thin magazines to thick-volume fantasy tales) make their journey from one classroom to the next. The teacher secretly appoints two of the books to be “infected”. Whoever has caught on and is infected, can now set out on a journey and infect [ ... ]  

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“Turn the volume on and open your book” - Listening and reading project (Switzerland)

http: / / www.sikjm.ch / d / lesefoerderung / projekte / tonab_buchauf.html

Swiss_listening_and_reading_projectA project by the Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media aimed at inspiring children to read; reading is made easier by listening to the beginning of a story. A set of 30 books and 10 mp3-players is delivered to the participating classes. The children will initially listen to a story that is interrupted with a cliffhanger so that they will be [ ... ]  

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“Top Secret: Literacy Promotion in an association of media“ (Switzerland)

http: / / www.sikjm.ch / d / lesefoerderung / projekte / topsecret.html

This project takes the media expertise of young people as a starting point. The young people are provided a box of books, cartoons and films which they can use to pursue their own questions and interests. Concrete tasks and selected internet links permit teachers with different backgrounds in media experience to accompany their students in the world of multimedia. Loan is free of charge. Libraries that acquire the respective media in their own right can subscribe to a digital version of the annually [ ... ]  

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“Reading Matters” – recommendations for young people (Switzerland

http: / / www.sikjm.ch / d / lesefoerderung / projekte / sachbuch-empfehlung.html

It is difficult to make the right choice among the vast amount of non-fiction literature for young people who have many questions but little experience in reading. The list of recommended titles, “Zur Sache: Lesen!” (Reading Matters) contains non-fiction titles and suggestions on other media, suitable for disadvantaged students aged between 12 and 14 years. This list is supplemented by a brochure listing didactic information on working with non-fictional texts, and related reading suggestions. A list of [ ... ]  

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The Swiss Reading Night

http: / / www.sikjm.ch / d / lesefoerderung / projekte / erzaehlnacht.html

Each year, the Swiss Storytelling Night takes place on the second Friday in November, inviting everybody to participate in reading, storytelling, reciting or enacting – based on a certain motto. On the occasion of a Swiss storytelling night, approximately 500 events are held in schools, libraries and clubs. The Swiss Institute for Child and Youth Media (SIKJM) gives advice and provides incentives, booklists, posters and postcards. The joint experience of storytelling and reading enables a positive access [ ... ]  

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