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Reading projects and campaigns of the Stichting Lezen Nederland

Bazar (reading project in the Netherlands)

http: / / www.bazarweb.nl

Bazar is an initiative of Stichting Lezen, a reading promotion project for young readers in vocational training, aged 12-16 years. This group – over 60% of the Dutch pupils leave primary school for this type of education – contains a large group of migrant children and from the lower social economic classes. At home there is hardly any reading climate. Bazar is a group of about twenty five projects, especially made for vocational training or made fit to this type of education. Bazar projects deal with [ ... ]  

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Book and Film (promoting reading in the Netherlands)

http: / / www.filmeducatie.nl

Book and Film is a joined project of the Dutch Institute of Film-education (Nederlands Instituut voor Filmeducatie) and the Dutch Reading Foundation (Stichting Lezen). The aim is to bring forth an integrated approach about literature and books at schools by organising projects and activities and producing materials. The project can be used at both primary and secondary education. It contains of the followings items: * exercise files, including video and DVD of several Dutch movies (novels adapted for the [ ... ]  

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“Inktaap” - Promoting reading in the Netherlands and Belgium

http: / / www.inktaap.com

“Inktaap” is a Flemish-Dutch reading promotion project for 15-18 year olds and it is also the name of the award. The students read the three books which were awarded with the three major Dutch literary awards. The students participate with their schools and form juries. They receive forms which they use for analysing and criticizing the books. The students who don’t participate as jury members read the books for their reading-lists. The project ends with a festive day where literary talk shows and meet and [ ... ]  

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De Jonge Jury (The Young Jury) - Promoting reading in the Netherlands

http: / / www.jongejury.nl

De Jonge Jury is a reading promotion project for students aged 12-16. The aim is that these students develop an awareness of about books. This project complements other reading promotion projects such as de Nederlandse Kinderjury (the Dutch Children-jury) and de Inktaap (the Inkmonkey). From August until February the students read the most recent youth books of choice and give their vote to their most favourite ones. The voting takes place individually and at school. The five books with the most votes are [ ... ]  

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The Boekenzoeker Bookfinder (promoting reading in the Netherlands)

http: / / www.boekenzoeker.org

Boekenzoeker-BookfinderThe development of www.boekenzoeker.org, a book recommendation site for all ages, is an initiative of the Dutch Language Union [Nederlandse Taalunie] in collaboration with the Dutch reading foundation [Stichting Lezen Nederland] and its Flemish counterpart [Stichting Lezen Vlaanderen].
In school year 2004-2005, a pilot project was launched in which [ ... ]  

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Voorleesvogel (multimedia projects in the Netherlands)

http: / / www.voorleesvogel.nl

The Voorleesvogel project meets the need felt by preschools to encourage language development in children (in disadvantaged situations). The many requests from primary education and playgroups for support from projects for early childhood education (vve) prompted libraries in the big towns and cities to combine their forces and develop projects and materials designed to promote language and reading-aloud to infants and pre-school children. Existing projects and products for preschools have been perfected [ ... ]  

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Lees mij! (promoting reading in the Netherlands)

http: / / www.leesmij.nu

Lees mij! is designed to tempt young people to read using multimedia. The project consists of a number of short films about literary books, which are e-mailed as links to children’s school e-mail addresses every week for one school year. In a virtual environment with books, the films will be launched in a website to be developed specifically for young people. The project is a collaboration between different institutions. When making the films, material is taken from the archives for the Literary Museum [ ... ]  

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De Nationale Voorleeswedstrijd (The National Reading Aloud Contest - Netherlands)

http: / / www.denationalevoorleeswedstrijd.nl

De Nationale Voorleeswedstrijd is a reading promotion project for the two highest classes of primary school. At school students read aloud for 4 minutes their favourite part of a child-book in September-November. Following a contest the school-jury then chooses their winner. After that the rounds in the towns and region will take place in January-March. Before the final is the semi final in April in which every province in the Netherlands (twelve) competes. So in May after 70.000 children twelve winners [ ... ]  

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Nederland Leest - The Netherlands Read

http: / / www.nederlandleest.nl

In 2008, Nederland Leest (‘Holland reads’), the reading-promotion campaign run by the Foundation for Joint Publicity for Dutch Literature (CPNB) and based on the American ‘One book, one City’ example, will focus on the book Twee Vrouwen by Harry Mulisch. Members of the public library will receive a free copy of this book from 17 October to 14 November inclusive. Thanks to financial support from the Dutch reading foundation, the book will be distributed amongst pupils in Year 4 of senior general secondary [ ... ]  

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