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Reading projects of the “National Children`s Reading Foundation“

READY! for kindergarten (US-American programme)

http: / / www.readyforkindergarten.org

READY! for Kindergarten is an educational program for parents who want their children to have a successful learning experience. It offers families’ readiness skills called Kindergarten targets, tools and training about children`s early learning years, birth to five years old. Children who are taught these skills at home get off to a great start at school. The goal of the READY! for Kindergarten program is to provide information to parents about how their child learns at each age level, along with [ ... ]  

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Team Read Programme (one-one-reading programme)

http: / / www.readingfoundation.org / Team-Read-Facts.jsp

Team Read is a program of the National Children’s Reading Foundation that has provided one-on-one reading tutoring to select elementary schools in the Kennewick School District since 2000. 

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