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Reading projects of the Austrian Book Club for Young People

Interview with Gerhard Falschlehner

Managing director of the Austrian book club

Gerhard Falschlehner

The Austrian book club is a socially active, non-profit network for promoting reading as well as a publishing house for issuing and disseminating youth media and reading promotion products. Gerhard Falschlehner reports about practice materials the book club has prepared for primary and secondary school education, and talks about “knowledge suitcases” packed with prized books, which provide an incentive for fact-based reading in all school subjects.
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Family Literacy in Austria

http: / / www.lesepartnerinnen.at

Logo_of_Reading_Partners Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture launched a family literacy initiative within the framework of its literacy strategy to initiate activities and projects systematically or to support them, targeting particularly activities that focus on children’s family and home environment. The Austrian Youth Book Club was commissioned to conduct [ ... ]  

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Book Club- Impetus for general education schools

http: / / www.buchklub.at / Unterrichtsimpulse / Buchklub-Impulse.html

The Austrian Book Club supports young people and is engaged in promoting literacy in young people, supporting their interest in books and reading. All volumes of the Book Club magazines PHILIPP (first and second grade) and YEP (third and fourth grade) are supplemented by the following modules offered on the Book Club website: additional tasks corresponding to educational standards, i.e. worksheets and online games, with different degrees of difficulty, reading journeys for all literary texts. 

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