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Reading projects of the organisation “Literacy Connections-Dutchess County”

“Project Read“ for primary school pupils (USA)

http: / / www.literacyconnections.org / project-read.htm

Project READ was designed to give children a happy, positive experience with books and with reading before it is too late. When children attend Project READ, they sit in a group in their classroom with a volunteer who comes once or twice a month to read to them. They use a “diaologic reading“ approach, that encourages discussion during and after the story. The reading is a participatory experience. When the session is over, the book is donated to the classroom to help build a classroom library-and to give [ ... ]  

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Annual Spelling Bee

http: / / www.literacyconnections.org / spelling-bee.htm

The Community Spelling BEE is a signature event held each year in March in Dutchess County. The BEE directly supports literacy services for adults & children. Teams of 2 come together & spell. The teams with the highest scores go to the final round and get prizes and special awards. Spellers come from the community and Sponsors can send their own teams. Teams are comprised of high school & college students, and adults. 

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