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Reading projects of the Stichting Lezen, Belgium (Flanders)


“Iedereen Leest” - Everybody Reads in Belgium

http: / / www.iedereenleest.be /

“Stichting Lezen Flanders” project “Everybody Reads” tries to give everyone a treat with reading inspiration. On the accompanying web site, visitors can find hundreds of book tips, enthusiastic reading testimonies, and experiences. These are not rigid critiques, but recommendations by fellow readers. “Everybody Reads” pops up now and again in railway stations and on the train with playful campaigns: Everybody in love (on Valentine’s Day), Everybody plays football (during the football World Cup), Everybody [ ... ]  

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“Boekbaby’s” - Book Babies in Belgium

http: / / www.boekbabys.be /

Book_Babies_in_BelgiumInspired by the British campaign Bookstart, “Stichting Lezen Flanders” is encouraging young parents to share an interest in books with their young children. Until 2007 a pilot project ran in ten local authorities and libraries. Young families were given a package of books, library information, and book vouchers on three occasions during the first three years of their [ ... ]  

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“Fahrenheit451” - Project for teenagers in Belgium

http: / / www.fahrenheit451.be /

Fahrenheit451“Fahrenheit451” is a project for teenagers aged 15 and older, in vocational and technical education. These young people are reluctant readers, so “Stichting Lezen Flanders” approach them via their own world of interest to entice them to read. By using the electronic search engine (www.boekenzoeker.org), they can access hundreds of titles they may be curious about.  

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“De Jeugdboekenweek” - Children’s Book Week in Belgium

http: / / www.jeugdboekenweek.be /

Children_s_Book_Week_in_Belgium Children’s Book Week is the annual festival for young readers. Each year in spring, “Stichting Lezen Flanders” celebrates the best children’s books under a different theme, in 2011 under the theme “Secret”. All the libraries are in a festive mood and bookshops clear the floor for young people. Classes overflow with the joy of reading. In co-operation [ ... ]  

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The Children’s Jury of “Stichting Lezen Flanders”

http: / / www.kjv.be / home /

Children_s_Jury_in_Belgium The Children’s Jury of “Stichting Lezen Flanders” is the biggest reading group in Belgium. Large numbers of children are actively involved. In order to vote, they have to read a list of 10 books. With the support of an extensive network of adult volunteers, they talk about their reading experience with their peers. These young readers acquire an increasing [ ... ]  

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Poetry Day in Belgium

http: / / www.gedichtendag.org /

Poetry_Day_in_Belgium Poetry Day is the Netherlands’ and Flanders’s favourite day to celebrate poetry together. A lot of organisations in both countries organise local events and festivities that day, it gets widespread media attention as well. For The Netherlands, Poetry International coordinates the whole of these events, in Flanders Stichting Lezen has recently become the new [ ... ]  

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Reading Aloud Week in Belgium

http: / / www.voorlezen.be /

Reading_Aloud_Week_in_BelgiumWith Reading Aloud Week “Stichting Lezen” wants all Flanders to hear about the joy and the importance of reading aloud. A poster and a newspaper with reading aloud tips and hints was distributed freely to all libraries, bookshops, nurseries, daycare centres and kindergartens in Flanders. Just like the year before, on 21, 22 and 23 November “Stichting Lezen” [ ... ]  

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Reading tips of the “Stichting Lezen Flanders”

http: / / www.stichtinglezen.be / content.aspx?l=007.004

“Stichting Lezen Flanders” believes a lot of people would like to read but feel lost in the vast amount of books that appear every year. A team of loyal readers regularly give them good reading tips. “Stichting Lezen Flanders” publishes them in a variety of ways to surprise people, often in places where they would least expect them: in the free newspaper Metro, as a collection of poems freely distributed in train stations on Poetry Day, as quotes on slides during conferences, on websites of partner [ ... ]  

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