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Promoting Reading in Colombia

Foundation for Reading Promotion in Colombia

http: / / www.fundalectura.org /

“Fundalectura - Fundación para el Fomento de la lectura” is a private foundation for reading promotion founded in 1990. Its aims to create a society of readers in Colombia and to enable all Colombians to access written literature. Numerous projects and programmes have thus been conducted, targeting families, children and young people of all age groups - in libraries, child day-care centres, schools and all other domains of daily life, in initial and further training and for all kinds of actors. The [ ... ]  

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“Plan Nacional de Lectura y Bibliotecas – PNLB” - National Plan for Reading and Libraries in Colombia

http: / / www.fundalectura.org / sccs / seccion.php?id_categoria=4

The PNLB networks and supports institutions dealing with books and reading. The plan promotes public libraries, provides training, organises reading-related events, collects experiences and successes, is engaged in communication with the media, provides support to the expansion of book production and the dissemination of books and is engaged in reading-related assessments and evaluations. The PNLB targets an improvement of reading and writing competencies in the Columbian people, optimising the services [ ... ]  

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