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Promoting Reading in Australia


Children's Stories for Senior Readers

Elderly people are often confronted with mental health issues and isolation. Staff of an Australian archive for children’s literature came up with the idea to tackle these issues.

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Centre for Youth Literature

http: / / www.slv.vic.gov.au / youthlit /

Program_of_the_Centre_for_Youth_LiteratureThe Centre for Youth Literature, State Library Victoria is Australia`s leading advocate on reading for teenagers. Established in 1991 as the `Youth Literature Program`, the Centre was originally based at the Victorian Writers Centre. The Centre for Youth Literature is now a fully integrated program and resource of the Library. [ ... ]  

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Reading projects of the Australian Centre for Youth Literature

The Children`s Book Council of Australia (CBCA)

http: / / cbca.org.au / default.aspx

©Logo-CBCAThe Children`s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) is a volunteer run, not for profit, organisation that was established in 1945 and is comprised of branches of individual members who are passionate about children`s and young adult literature. Its aim is to celebrate and promote children and young adults’ literature in Australia, by providing merchandising, networking and [ ... ]  

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„Better Beginnings“ - Early reading intervention in West Australia

http: / / www.better-beginnings.com.au /

Better Beginnings is an early intervention family literacy program that has been developed by the State Library of Western Australia. Its stated purpose is to provide positive language and literacy influences for young children through supporting parents as their children`s first teacher. The program is based on a strong cooperation between health professionals, local governments and public libraries. A high degree of consultation and engagement with local communities is involved. Better Beginnings has [ ... ]  

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The Early Childhood Learning Resources Project

http: / / www.earlychildhoodaustralia.org.au / every_child_magazine / every_child_index / supporting_families_supporting_children.html

”Early Childhood Learning Resources“ was a project jointly carried out by Monash University, University of Melbourne, Early Childhood Australia and Education Services Australia Limited (formerly Curriculum Corporation). Over a period of two years (until 2006), the project prepared a variety of resources for educators, parents and professionals targeting literacy and numeracy education of infants (0-5 years).
Besides offering targeted information resources such as a literature review and “good [ ... ]  

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„Book Buzz“ in Australia

http: / / www.indigenousliteracyproject.org.au / BookBuzz /

Book Buzz is part of the Indigenous Literacy Project (Links zur Institution), aiming to foster the reading skills of indigenous people in Australia, particularly children, in remote areas. Book Buzz provides families with babies, infants and pre-school children with book packages. Each of the book packages contains twelve books for children that have been selected by experts from the Fred Hollows Foundation together with the book industry.
Several copies of the book packages are sent to schools. [ ... ]  

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Reading promotion for adults

Australian Council for Adult Literacy (ACAL)

http: / / www.acal.edu.au /

The Australian Council for Adult Literacy (ACAL) supports adult literacy promotion. It thus provides a forum offering an opportunity for practical exchange, and the Council also supports research on adult literacy promotion. The ACAL website features a newsletter, the so-called Literacy Link, as well as the ACAL eNews, an electronic newsletter readers can subscribe to (back issues can be accessed). “Literacy Live“ offers a virtual conference room, and the domain of “Papers and Reports“ features [ ... ]  

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„Indigenous Literacy Project“ in Australia

http: / / www.indigenousliteracyproject.org.au

The Indigenous Literacy Project (ILP) aims to increase the reading abilities and thus improve the lives of indigenous people in remote areas in Australia. ILP particularly targets school children and infants: The project provides books and other resources and aims to foster public awareness regarding the literacy skills of indigenous people.
ILP is subject to a co-operation of the Australian Book Industry and the Fred Hollows Foundation, which also collaborates with the Australian Bookseller [ ... ]  

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The „Reading Writing Hotline“ in Australia

http: / / www.literacyline.edu.au /

englisch (GS): The „Reading Writing Hotline“ offers a low threshold to adults in Australia who have reading or writing difficulties. Citizens can either contact the telephone hotline or access the website at www.literacyline.edu.au.
The „Reading Writing Hotline“ offers counselling to its callers regarding reading and writing skills and provides them with helpful addresses in their area. You can further obtain information for trainers in adult education, or learn about work-related [ ... ]  

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