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Reading projects of Biblionef South Africa

Biblionef South Africa

Container libraries in South Africa

http: / / www.biblionefsa.org.za /

Since the opening of the first Container Library in Botrivier in 1999, Biblionef has been able to raise funding to place, in total, six Container Libraries in various South African Provinces. Container Libraries are compact libraries in converted, second hand sea containers. These 12 metre containers are fitted with windows and doors, are clad with a wood grain finished material, have carpets as well as security bars on the windows and doors. The interior is fitted with shelving, storage cupboards and [ ... ]  

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Braille books for African children

http: / / www.biblionefsa.org.za /

Biblionef has made the provision of Braille books to visually impaired children one of its main objectives. Starting with the Athlone School of the Blind in 2001, Biblionef has helped 16 schools with over 6 000 Braille and Large Print Books. A special challenge of this project is the printing of Braille books in the children`s mother tongue. Because of the high costs of printing in Braille, publishers are unable to keep Braille books in stock. Titles are thus only printed as orders come in. This results in [ ... ]  

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Publishing books in African languages

http: / / www.biblionefsa.org.za /

Biblionef aims to increase the number of books published in the African minority languages. In order to be able to donate books in each child`s home language, Biblionef commissions publishers to publish books. Biblionef often takes established English or Afrikaans titles and asks publishers to print African translations of these books. Publishers are also often asked to do reprints of exceptional stories that are out of print. Since 1998, Biblionef has commissioned the publication of 49 titles and the [ ... ]  

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Brendabook - Education for children about HIV and Aids

http: / / www.biblionefsa.org.za / img / download / Annual%20Report%202007.pdf

Biblionef educates children in a playful way about HIV and Aids by distributing a children’s storybook about a young girl. The book is called “Brenda Has a Dragon in Her Blood”. The book is based on the true story of Brenda, now thirteen years old, who has lived with her foster family in the Netherlands since her biological mother in Rwanda got very ill and died of Aids. Brenda’s foster mother, Hijltje Vink, wrote the book to help children to accept those with HIV and Aids and to prevent prejudice. Vink [ ... ]  

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Assistance for the establishment of libraries

http: / / www.biblionefsa.org.za / index.php?c=128

Biblionef South Africa is often perceived as an organisation that can set up libraries, because of its experience with the setting up of Container Libraries. The organisation is approached to assist in establishing libraries. The basic elements to set up a library are sourcing appropriate book stock, housing the books, equipment and shelving as well as management and training. Biblionef can help with all these elements. 

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